DEMYKS Lifting Jacks Take Important Steps for Export

bm makina group takes important steps for export
bm makina group takes important steps for export

UN DEMYKS Removal Machine jack are located in the Group, prepared according to the wishes of the company are exported manufactured in Turkey.

BM Makina Grup mainly focuses on iron and steel, railway, port and maritime, automotive, white goods and storage and shelf systems sectors. In this way, it can closely analyze the needs of the sectors it addresses and offer suitable solutions for them. The underfloor lifting system carried out by train for the first time the UN Machinery Group in Turkey has emerged due to the need exactly such a project. It was realized for the first time in 2013 with its German partner in the maintenance workshop of the Istanbul metro in Olimpiyatköy. Two years later, underground lifting systems were installed in the Ümraniye maintenance workshop of the Istanbul metro. Explaining the details of the project, BM Makina Group General Manager Kenan Bebek said, “This system can be implemented by a limited number of companies in the world. Because precision work is required under the ground. We are very happy that we have implemented the second of this system. At the same time, while lifting a quad wagon in the first system we made, we ensured that the six wagon was removed in our last application. This means that we are implementing a system that is about 1,5 times bigger. The two systems continue to run smoothly. We are also happy about that. " said.


Baby; “We are a well-known company in the industry in maintenance workshop lifting equipment. We aim to increase our recognition gradually. In addition, we aim to take important steps in the field of export by closely following the railway investments abroad. " gave information about the goals with his words.



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