CUPRA Brand Sales Quits in Turkey!

Cupra brand will be on sale turkiyede
Cupra brand will be on sale turkiyede

SEAT cars are sporty and performance features that puts it in a whole new way CUPRA brand, offers for sale in Turkey with Doğuş Otomotiv guarantee.

CUPRA, which SEAT has created as an independent brand within its own structure, promises a unique experience to its fans by combining sporty driving with technology. CUPRA, followed by automobile enthusiasts with curiosity, is the new expression of passion and courage in the automobile world with its high performance formula!

CUPRA brand is ready to take its place in Turkey road; It is a sophisticated representative of the concepts of "style and power" with its perfectly symmetrical logo, high quality workmanship, and color options created with the aim of refined and natural textures. The underlying philosophy of the brand's creation lies in quality, driving and performance. This philosophy makes itself felt even in the finest details of the car.

The inspiration for the CUPRA logo comes from the courage, fearlessness and determination of tribal societies. This design consists of two intertwined, symmetrical "C" letters and is seen as a symbol rather than a logo for the brand. The copper color included in the logo perfectly reflects the refined character of the model. Another tone that depicts the brand is petrol blue… The mixture obtained with a little touch of black to cyan color emphasizes the character of the model. The wheels, door mirrors and some interior trim parts that reflect the car's character are inspired by natural materials in different textures, such as copper and granite, to find the appropriate color tones to reflect the elegance of CUPRA.

All cars created by CUPRA, which includes motor sports and racing units operating under the responsibility of SEAT Sport, are born on the racetracks and adapted for daily use.

CUPRA brand entered the country with Formentor

The first CUPRA model offered for sale in Turkey was the Formentor. The model, named after the Formentor cape formed by the steep cliffs on the Spanish island of Mallorca, is the first model developed exclusively for the CUPRA brand. CUPRA Formentor perfectly reflects the brand's DNA. Combining the features of a performance car with the advantages of SUV models, the CUPRA Formentor has a striking appearance with its strong and sharp-edged front, and its wide front grille with the copper-colored CUPRA emblem. The striking look of the model is completed with the full LED lens headlights. It has a different stance with its round-shaped fog lights. The stylish and powerful design is continued with dynamic LED tail lights. A visual width to the vehicle kazanThe powerful design is completed with the end-to-end “Infinite LED” taillights, which not only create a striking and modern look, but also help the vehicle draw attention.

The CUPRA brand will also sell the CUPRA Leon, the first rechargeable CUPRA model besides Formentor, and the brand's iconic model CUPRA Ateca. Apart from the fully electric model CUPRA Born brand sales Turkey is also planned.

CUPRA, which has achieved significant success in the touring racing series for years, continues its racer identity with the CUPRA E-Racer, the world's first 100% electric touring racing car. Developed on the basis of the CUPRA Leon model, CUPRA E-Racer sheds light on the future of performance cars.

4 different engine options in Formentor

CUPRA Formentor is available in 1.5 TSI 150 HP DSG versions, in addition to 2.0 TSI 310 HP DSG 4Drive and 1.4 eHybrid (PHEV) versions.

In the most powerful version of the series producing 310 HP power, the DNA of the CUPRA brand is reflected at the highest level. The appeal of the vehicle is complemented by a sound that stirs up the emotions. The CUPRA Formentor series is divided into two categories: Those with an engine power of 245 HP and above are called CUPRA Formentor VZ. VZ, short for "Veloz" in Spanish, means fast or quick and perfectly describes the most powerful versions of CUPRA Formentor.

The lower power options of the series include the petrol 1.5 TSI 150 HP DSG as well as the 1.4 eHybrid (PHEV) 205 HP with DSG gearbox. The VZ attachment, which is an indicator of the power increase, is included in the Formentor VZ 1.4 eHybrid (PHEV) 245 HP DSG and Formentor VZ 2.0 TSI 310 HP DSG 4Drive versions.

Its design, developed on MQB Evo architecture, provides drivers with the most flawless experience possible. Adaptive Chassis Control (DCC) is offered as standard on the Formentor VZ versions. The DCC system always adjusts the stiffness of each shock absorber depending on the driving conditions and the driving mode selected by the driver (Comfort, Sport, Personal, CUPRA). The 4Drive traction system analyzes the road conditions in real time and ensures the transmission of the necessary power to provide the ideal traction. Thanks to the EDS electronic assistance system, the torque can be controlled between the wheels of the vehicle. In this way, it is aimed to offer the best handling in all conditions.

High quality interior

The impressive exterior of the CUPRA Formentor is complemented by its high-quality interior. The interior of the vehicle brings a unique perspective to the style of the CUPRA brand, evoking a feeling of modernity and sportiness. When the vehicle is unlocked, the CUPRA logo is projected onto the floor, while the steering wheel and sports seats are illuminated with a soft light. Formentor surrounds its driver and passengers with the comfort of high-quality interior design. High-quality materials, brushed aluminum and copper-coloured elements envelop the passengers in the vehicle, giving the interior a modern look. kazanprovides the cost.

Available in Petrol Blue and Black, the "Bucket" type sports seats are positioned low for a sporty driving feel. In addition, the seat design, which provides a more ergonomic sitting position, makes you feel the dynamic structure of the vehicle even before it sets off.

Large interior volume

The CUPRA Formentor, with its 4.446 mm length, 1.839 mm width and 1.520 mm height, provides sufficient height for all passengers in the vehicle, while the wheelbase of 2.679 mm leaves wide legroom for the rear seat passengers. It also shows that it is a practical option with a luggage capacity of up to 450 liters (4 liters for the 420Drive version, 345 liters for eHybrid versions).

Fully digital

All the information you need can be easily accessed from the 10,25 ”digital display panel. The sporty view, specially developed for CUPRA models, allows the driver to see the speed and revs more clearly. The large 12 ”multimedia screen offered as standard on the CUPRA Formentor catches the eye at first glance. In addition, Full Link technology, which enables customers to stay in touch and easily carry their digital lives to the vehicle, is also included in Formentor as standard.

Finally, CUPRA Formentor aims to provide its users with the best music experience with the BeatsAudio sound system offered as standard (excluding eHybrid). This sound system consists of a 350W amplifier, 10 high-quality speakers and a subwoofer in the trunk.

Special color options

A wide range of colors is used in CUPRA Formentor, including special color options such as Matte Petrol Blue and Matte Magnetic Grey. Thus, the vehicle provides extra visual elegance and personality. kazanhe's eating. The color range is rounded off by three different metallic colors (Urban Silver Grey, Midnight Black and Magnetic Grey), three special metallic colors (Graphene Grey, Camouflage Green and Desire Red) and opaque White.

Security features

In addition to a total of 7 airbags including front zone assistant, emergency call system (e-call), central airbag in the middle section, lane tracking assistant, adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection system, semi-autonomous travel assistant One of the safest cars, Formentor managed to pass the tough safety tests of Euro NCAP with 5 stars. According to the test results, it proved to be one of the safest vehicles in its segment, getting high marks in every category, including adult, passenger and pedestrian protection.

CUPRA is on sale at 5 different points

High performance CUPRA models are offered for sale at a total of 5 sales points in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa. CUPRA models, which are offered for sale with the assurance of Doğuş Otomotiv, are offered to customers in special sections created within SEAT showrooms in Doğuş Oto Maslak, Avek Tekstilkent, Vosmer İzmir, Doğuş Oto Çankaya and Doğuş Oto Bursa. In addition to the Formentor, the first model developed entirely for the CUPRA brand, the CUPRA Ateca and CUPRA Leon models will be sold on special order.

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