Batıkent and Worker Blocks Day Child Care Centers Will Start Training After Complete Closure

batikent and worker blocks will start trainings after full closure day by day.
Batıkent and Worker Blocks Day Child Care Centers Will Start Training After Complete Closure

Batıkent and Workers' Blocks Day Child Care Center, which was opened by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş on October 29, Republic Day, will start training after the completion of the complete closure process. The number of day care centers that will serve within the Metropolitan Municipality will be increased throughout the year.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, fulfilled the promise given to families before the elections in a daycare center.

“Batıkent Children's Day Care Center” and “Workers' Blocks Children's Day Care Center”, which were opened on October 29, Republic Day, will open their doors to children after the complete closing process.


The trainings that started recently in Batıkent Children's Day Care Center were suspended with the start of the complete closure process.

The pre-registration applications for the Workers' Blocks Children's Day Care Center at the address of 100. Yıl Mahallesi 1471. Sokak, No: 7 / A Çukurambar Çankaya, whose preparations have been completed, continue. Families will be able to print their children between the ages of 3-6 by completing the registration form on ''.


Workers' Blocks Children's Day Care Center; It will serve children with a large staff including 5 group care supervisors, 6 child care staff, 2 cleaning staff, 1 security staff, 2 administrative staff, 1 cook, 1 assistant cook, family counselor, social service specialist, sociologist, psychologist and nurse.

The daycare center, which has a capacity of 100 people, where lessons will be given in sports and artistic branches such as foreign language, swimming, gymnastics, drama, theater, karate and wrestling, will continue their education with 36 children between 72-3 months (6-50 years) due to pandemic conditions.

Stating that they support this project so that children can adapt to social life during the pandemic process, receive their pre-school education and become a world citizen, BELPA A.Ş. BELPA A.Ş., who made examinations in the daycare center with its General Manager Ramazan Değerli. Ferhan Özkara, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said:

“We will be very happy to host our little students between the ages of 3-6 here. Our parents should never worry. We have taken the maximum measures we can take during the pandemic period. We are ready to serve our children in many fields such as music, drama, folklore, sports and theater in our nursery, which will continue its activities in a hygienic environment.

Social Services Department Head Adnan Tatlısu, who stated that Children's Day Care Centers attract great attention by citizens and that they will expand it in many parts of Ankara, gave the following information:

“We opened the first Children's Day Care Center in Batıkent and the second in Workers' Blocks. From now on, we will open nursing homes in a modern style in Altındağ, Mamak and Dikmen. We are planning to open a day nursery in Kuşcak on May 19. We will have a wide training process that includes sports and artistic branches such as a sleeping room, swimming course, music, sports, nutrition, foreign language, gymnastics, karate and wrestling. Despite any health problems children may experience, our healthcare team will always be here. Families can safely entrust them to our nursing homes without being behind them. "


Social Services Department and BELPA A.Ş. In addition to the Metropolitan Municipality personnel, children of families receiving social assistance from outside the municipality will also be able to benefit from the daycare centers, which serve under the coordination of the child

Children of martyrs and veterans' relatives and prisoners in prisons, children between the ages of 3-6 who are cared for by a relative whose parents have passed away will not be charged.

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