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Armin Elektrik is increasing its targets day by day by taking its competitive power in domestic and foreign markets from its quality policy in its works and from the satisfaction of its customers. Following its innovative subsidiaries Armco, Rayen, Kolarc and Armtek, which are on the way to become a pioneer under its roof, it continues to lead the sector with an innovative and sustainable principle by adding two new brands KolmedRobots and Solarkol in 2020. Now let's talk about these affiliates and the work they do:


Armco is a company that offers turnkey solutions in accordance with national and international standards in the field of railway signaling and communication system. Transportation systems are designed to realize both urban and intercity transportation at the highest level, safely and practically. Rail systems established for this purpose are preferred due to their being economical, environmentally sensitive and fast.

Armco is a supplier of sustainable transportation systems, aiming to produce projects with domestic added value by successfully carrying out the projects, procurement, installation, testing and commissioning of electromechanical systems in the international railway market, and maintaining maintenance services, overcoming integration bottlenecks that may arise from different subcontractors and suppliers and is an important solution partner of railway signaling works.

It offers turnkey solutions in the fields of railway electrification, signaling and telecommunication systems in accordance with national and international standards in the geographies where the company operates.

By using the concept of system engineering as a bridge, it is an expert in reaching the optimum solutions in accordance with project management principles in creating models to meet the different needs of rail system operators. For details Click here.


RAYEN Project and Consultancy Inc. It is an engineering company that provides full range of services in the field of railway electrification systems and tries to provide the best solutions for the transmission of electricity through the overhead catenary system to railway vehicles. The electric rail lines serve a wide range from basic design to detail design. In accordance with national and international standards and regulations, it aims to meet the needs of the customer by offering the most appropriate solutions for the project.

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Kolarc Machine

With its experienced engineer staff, international quality understanding and innovative vision; Power Electronics with the aim to realize the first in Turkey in the field, was founded by Koloğlu Holding. Kolarc Makine produces Welding Machines with international standards of quality and performance in MIG / MAG - TIG and MMA applications in Arc and Robotic welding. Produced with 100% domestic capital and national technology, Welding Machines are used in all countries of the world, especially in Europe.

Our welding machines, which have 300 welding programs for the welding of Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel and Low alloy steels with synergic Pulse feature, that you can perform completely burr-free welding applications, while ending the deburring process at the end of the welding, Perfect arc start, stable arc performance and high welding progress speed It decreases consumable consumption and increases application efficiency.

Kolarc Makine is a company that produces for extremely easy-to-apply welding technologies with its technical knowledge of more than twenty years. Developing smart technologies for manual and robotic welding applications, the company optimizes welding processes to make welding production more efficient.

Practical Welding and After Sales services trainings are also given at the factory in Sakarya. Cloud-based systems, automation and digitalization have fundamentally changed industrial production in resource generation. With the principle that what we cannot measure, we cannot improve, we take a leading role in the digitalization and development of welding technologies. Collecting, processing and analyzing current, voltage, wire feed speed, energy and consumption consumption amounts and many other welding data improves production and quality processes. We wish success to Kolarc Makine, an Industry 4.0 company. For details Click here


The company owned by Armin Elektrik A.Ş., a subsidiary of Kolin Holding, started production on 01.01.2018. With an annual production capacity of 10.000 Metal Enclosed Modular Switchgears, 4.000 Metal Clad and 2.500 Concrete Kiosks, the products of the company are used in a wide variety of areas. It has a significant production volume both in our country and abroad with its products such as Medium Voltage Switchgear Equipment, Metal Enclosed Modular Switchgear, Metal Clad Switchgear, Compact Transformer Substations, Secondary Protection Relays.

Ankara Based and HeroKazanContinuing production in two factories, the company is located in Temelli, 14.000 square meters. KazanIt has a closed area of ​​6.000 square meters in total, 20.000 square meters in . For details Click here...


Kolmedrobots was established in 2020 by Armin Elektrik A.Ş and Toneks Medikal companies, which are pioneers in the sector, in Ankara to develop and serve industrial disinfection automation and robot systems after the Kovid-19 pandemic. KolmedRobots is a company that has already signed the following robot technologies:

  • Disinfection Robots
  • Service Robots
  • Hotel Robots
  • Companion Robots

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Solarkol Enerji San. ve Tic. A.S. In addition to solar inverters developed by Turkish engineers and produced in a wide range of power with 100% domestic capital; R&D designs and productions of globally produced micro-inverters, optimizer units (in compliance with international fire regulations), communication devices, energy quality measurement devices, software technologies embedded in products and remote monitoring and control systems are carried out within Solarkol.

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