Aras Holding Spends 2 Million TL in 300 Years on Digital Transformation Investments

aras holding spent tl million a year on digital transformation investments
aras holding spent tl million a year on digital transformation investments

With the effect of coronavirus, the transition to the new world order where sustainable technologies are at the forefront is on the agenda of companies. Companies are preparing to achieve more effective and sustainable results while creating their future planning. With the pandemic, the active role of digitalization in working environments requires companies to accelerate their transformation strategies.

Barış Baran Aras, Chairman of the Board of Aras Holding, stated that they steered digital transformation investments in every step of their business processes and said, “In the last two years, we have invested nearly 300 million TL in the transfer center, IT infrastructure and operational arrangements. '' said.

Companies are accelerating their digital transformation plans to meet customer needs and changing demands. With the conditions brought by the pandemic process and increasing technology investments, business needs especially in the cargo, courier, logistics and e-commerce sectors have increased.

Over 200 Million Cargo Shipments

Emphasizing that the pandemic process started in March 2020 and there were rapid and visible changes in consumption habits with the epidemic, Aras said that the volume of e-commerce transactions increased 2 times compared to the previous year, parallel to this, the number of addresses visited increased to 90 percent and 200 He told that they closed the year with over a million cargo shipments.

Food Growth Exceeds 30 Percent

Aras stated that they experienced another rapid growth in food and that the growth in this area was over 30 percent, and that they served student dormitories in the field of food, despite the dormitories being closed, they grew by 36 percent last year and reached a turnover of 300 million TL.

Logistics Industry Gained Importance With Online Shopping

Expressing that the logistics system is also gaining importance for online shopping, which is growing day by day and is in serious demand due to the pandemic, Aras said, “We transformed our cargo company, Fillo Logistics, into a logistics company, as we saw the need for street and shopping mall logistics. Last year, this company had difficulties for 2 months with the shopping malls closing, but then our business continued with the rapid recovery of high street stores. We did not use the Short Work Allowance and achieved our growth target by achieving 2020 percent growth in 16. Our goal for 2021 is to grow this company by 20 percent. '' he spoke.

Sharing his foresight regarding the later stages of the process, Aras said, “While the pandemic seriously affects the future targets of the companies; In this process, the evaluation of the new trends prominent and the analysis of to what extent the targets and plans have changed becomes even more important. With the digitalization and IT infrastructure investments we have made in recent years, our operational experience and competence, we are achieving double-digit growth. Last year, we achieved a significant growth of 65 percent. We aim to continue this success trend this year as well. ''

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