Ali Osman Ulusoy Seyahat Received the First 20 Vehicles of 2 Mercedes-Benz Buses Order

ali osman ulusoy travel received the first vehicle of the mercedes benz bus order
ali osman ulusoy travel received the first vehicle of the mercedes benz bus order

Trabzon-based passenger transport company Ali Osman Ulusoy Seyahat started the purchase of 2021 Travego 20 16 + 2 and Tourismo 1 16 + 2 to be realized in 1 with 2 Tourismo 16 2 + 1. Interurban passenger transport operations to continue without interruption, Turkey's largest passenger transport companies in the Ali Osman Ulusoy Travel; It continues its activities in dozens of provinces, especially Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa and Antalya, with 126 large buses consisting of Mercedes-Benz models.

After the sale made by Mercedes-Benz Türk Authorized Dealer Hassoy Motor Vehicles with the credit support of Mercedes Benz Finansman Türk A.Ş. Ali Osman Ulusoy Travel Board Chairman Hülya Ulusoy, Ali Osman Ulusoy Group President Murat Seymen and Ali Osman Ulusoy Tourism Trade Enterprise General Manager Eray Eray received their vehicles from Hassoy Motorlu Vehicles General Manager Selim Saral.

ali osman ulusoy travel received the first vehicle of the mercedes benz bus order

Ali Osman Ulusoy Travel Chairman Hülya Ulusoyin his speech at the time of delivery; “We have been actively using the new generation Mercedes-Benz buses in our company since 2019. From Giresun to Çorlu - Çerkezköy We have been very pleased with the driving comfort, fuel economy, passenger and vehicle safety features of our buses with new generation Powershift transmission that we use in the line. As a result of our ongoing cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş., we decided to add new buses with Powershift transmission to our fleet, which we are very pleased with. Another important reason why we prefer new buses is that thanks to the new air conditioning system, the air inside the buses can be completely changed every two minutes. We received the first 2021 vehicles of our 20 purchase target, the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo 2 16 + 2s, today. We will complete our recruitment target with the reduction of the impact of the pandemic and the progress of our business, which we hope to improve. In this process, we would like to thank the Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş. officials for their support. " said.

Hassoy Motor Vehicles General Manager Selim Saral in the speech he made during the delivery; “We have been conducting the trials of our new generation Powershift transmission buses in Turkey together with Ali Osman Ulusoy Travel since 2019. Thanks to our cooperation with Ali Osman Ulusoy Travel, we had the chance to closely observe the superior fuel economy, comfort, passenger and vehicle safety of our vehicles, which have covered approximately 450.000 kilometers since delivery. The predictive driving system that comes with the fuel economy package in our new generation vehicles, which have been put into standard production as of 2021 and strengthens their power with 41 innovations, increases fuel economy to higher levels. We have also standardized the new antiviral effective high-performance particulate filters against the COVID-19 epidemic in our intercity buses as of 2021. With the contribution of this equipment, new standards in safe driving, and improvements made in passenger and driving comfort, our vehicles, which we have raised to the highest level, will bring good luck to the sector, kazanWe hope he brings three.” said.

Putting people to have the safest and most comfortable travel experience in its focus and priority, Mercedes-Benz Türk sets New Standards in travel with the innovations it offers in its buses in 2021.

The New Standards are summarized under 3 main headings:

  1. New Safety Standards
  2. New Comfort Standards
  3. New Economic Driving Standards

1. New Safety Standards

Turning Assistant (Side Guard Assist): Thanks to this equipment that contributes to the safety of both the driver, pedestrians and other drivers, while the buses turn right and while driving; Safer overtaking, reduction of the risk of accidents during take-offs and low-speed rides, and better perception of pedestrians and vehicles waiting at traffic lights.

Attention Assist: This equipment, which aims to increase driving safety by warning drivers who are driving without rest, monitors driver behavior while cruising above 60 km / h and recommends the driver to take a break with visual and vibration warning in careless driver behavior.

Turn Light: The new headlights, which provide increased turning safety, are activated at speeds less than 40 km / h or when the signal is activated. At these moments, the fog lights turn into turning lights. While the lighting effect is increased, the driver can maneuver safely and practically.

Stop & Go Assistant: This equipment, which can be described as one of the stages on the road to autonomous driving, contributes to driving comfort and safety. The vehicle can re-move automatically after being stationary for less than two seconds. When the standstill time exceeds two seconds, driving is restarted if the driver presses the accelerator pedal or the function button on the steering wheel.

In addition to these equipments in Mercedes-Benz buses; Providing visual warning with colored LED lights in the side view mirrors Parking Sensor / Assistant preventing unwanted forward and backward slips, making takeoff and maneuvering more comfortable Hill Start Support is also offered as standard.

In all Mercedes-Benz intercity buses manufactured as of 2021, new products against the Covid-19 outbreak high performance particulate filters with antiviral effect offered as standard, new air conditioning system is also offered optionally. Thanks to the new air conditioning system, the air inside the buses can be completely changed every two minutes. Thanks to these equipment, which can be added to existing buses in addition to new bus orders, safer and more peaceful journeys can be made. The new equipment was developed as a result of the collaboration of Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus R&D Center with teams in Germany. Software updates are available for passenger bus climate control, which can further increase the rate of clean air. This additional fresh air content of the air conditioner demonstrably reduces the risk of infection for drivers and passengers. The multi-layer, progressively structured high performance particulate filters also have an antiviral functional layer. Active filters; It can be used for ceiling air conditioner, recirculation air filters and front box air conditioner. Active filters, which are suitable for intercity and city buses, can be applied to existing vehicles optionally. Vehicles equipped with active filters are also marked with a sticker on the passenger doors that the passenger can see.

2. New Comfort Standards

Developing new equipment according to the demands from the market, Mercedes-Benz adapts its global products to local needs in 2021 and offers more comfort equipment not only for passengers but also for everyone in the bus.

In all passenger seats USB units As a first in the bus industry by offering them as standard, after the feedback from the passengers, the USB devices offered for each seat row include smartphones, tablets, etc. tools can be charged. Thanks to the fabricated USBs compatible with the electrical infrastructure of the buses, the safety and comfort level of the vehicles increases. Double USB ports are located in the middle of the seats in double seats, while the USB ports in 2 + 1 seats are located on the side wall. The USB inputs also provide illumination, allowing easy access during night trips.

The new Mercedes-Benz bus, which is offered for businesses that will prefer a new Mercedes-Benz bus in 2 + 1 seat layout. seat rail system Thanks to this, it is easier to reposition the seats and it is aimed to prevent loss of value.

3.New Economic Driving Standards

New economical driving package Mercedes-Benz buses, which set a new standard in the sector with; predictive driving systemautomatic body downloadtire pressure monitoring ve Eco driving assistant provides fuel savings of up to 4% +. Powershift automatic transmission comes standard in this new economical driving package. MB GO 250-8 Powershift operates as an automated transmission system with 8 forward 1 reverse ratios. Thanks to the transmission that reduces fuel consumption with fast and optimum gear shifts, the clutch pedal also disappears. With the new gearbox, the driving condition of the driver increases and thus more contribution can be made to traffic safety.

Predictive Driving System (PPC) Thanks to Mercedes-Benz, it offers fuel economy and comfort. covering 95 percent of highway Europe and Turkey using digital road maps and GPS information, time shifting gears with the election system that allows the optimization contributes to fuel savings.

The Predictive Driving System can go above or below the speed recorded in the cruise control system by a certain tolerance. When this system is used with all its functions, it not only saves fuel but also relieves the driver of the burden.

With the automatic body lowering feature, when the vehicle reaches a speed of 80 km / h, an advantage in air friction is achieved thanks to the body that lowers 20 mm. This system, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption, works automatically. When the speed of the vehicle decreases again below 60 km / h, this time the body rises 20 mm and becomes its standard position. The automatic body lowering system makes a significant contribution in the fields of economy, environment and safety.

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