Air Pollution Source Will Be Detected With 3D Software

air pollution source will be detected by dimensional software
air pollution source will be detected by dimensional software

With the 5D software that can measure distances up to 3 meters, the points that cause air pollution can be detected instantly by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

According to the information obtained from the General Directorate of Environmental Management, Air Management Department, technological developments are closely followed in air quality management studies and used effectively.

In this context, the Ministry has added the Software Project for Determining Air Quality Values ​​in 3D Environment to the vehicles used in air quality management, which Türksat is the contractor of.

With the local and national software developed within the scope of the project, many factors such as strategic air quality maps, 3D building model, city atlas, topography, traffic density, intersections, fuel type of buildings are determined and air quality values ​​are determined in 3D environment.

3D software, which has the ability to instantly detect all entered data and produce output, is one of the first examples in the world in this field. With the software, points that cause air pollution caused by domestic heating, industry, land, sea, air and railway transportation will be detected and source-specific control measures can be developed.

The footprints of important air pollutants such as sulfur and nitrogen in cities will be calculated and policies and strategies will be prepared to reduce them.


The software, which can measure the air pollution level up to about 5 meters, will be used by the central and provincial organizations of the Ministry to determine effective actions to reduce air pollution. With 3D software, the pollutants of the breathing air will be determined and efforts will be made to reduce pollution.

Air quality data of provincial and district centers of Kocaeli, Balıkesir, Edirne, Tekirdağ and Sakarya, which were selected as a pilot by the Ministry, were successfully produced. The air quality values ​​of all cities were produced with meter precision and the pollution levels that citizens are exposed to were calculated.

With the 3D software that can measure air pollution in the short area, up to the exhaust emission emitted by the vehicles while climbing the slope, the roads with slopes can be determined by color change. These changes are shown in the software as a color scale from blue to red, the red areas represent the points where precautions should be taken.

In addition, the data of Determination of Air Quality Values ​​in 3D Environment can be used in Environmental Impact and Permit Assessment processes, determination of current air quality, scenario analysis of effective actions to be included in the clean air action plans of the provinces, climate change adaptation activities, spatial planning studies, and urban transformation activities. .

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