Perforated Eardrum Creates a Danger!

a hole in the eardrum is a danger
a hole in the eardrum is a danger

Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Yavuz Selim Yıldırım gave information on the subject. The eardrum allows the sounds coming from the outer ear to be collected and transmitted through the middle ear. But it also acts as an important barrier between the outer ear and the middle ear.

When there is a hole in the eardrum, the water in the ear causes the ear to flow, causing infection. These currents cause permanent damage to hearing by causing melting of the bones that provide hearing. The eardrum increases hearing by 15-20 decibels. If there is a hole, the hearing decreases by 15-20 decibels.

If there is a hole in the eardrum, the ear infection develops spontaneously or when swimming in the sea or pool. This infection causes permanent damage to hearing, the damage may not only be hearing. It can also cause infections such as facial paralysis, meningitis, dizziness, brain abscess, and ear abscess.

Why is the eardrum pierced or ruptured?

There may be holes due to ear infections in childhood, eustachian tube problems between the ear and nose, lack of or missing vaccines, structural problems, traumatic causes and upper respiratory tract infections.

If the eardrum is pierced due to traumatic reasons, the eardrum can renew itself in 1 month. If it is not renewed within this period, the hole remains permanently. A hole in the eardrum in childhood causes hearing loss and causes lag in education compared to its peers. In older ages, when hearing loss due to a hole in the eardrum is added to hearing loss due to aging, communication worsens. In the middle age group, the eardrum plays a restrictive role in social life.

Nowadays, it is very easy to solve this problem with the possibilities provided by technology.

In the past, the methods that were opened behind the ear and wrapped in the head are not used today. In current technology, it is easily possible to repair the eardrum with cartilage inside the ear canal with Endoscopy. This procedure is very easy and does not significantly affect the social life of the person undergoing surgery.

Those who have difficulties in swimming in the pool because their eardrum is pierced, those who worry that water will leak into their ears while taking a shower. People who have communication problems when talking because of a hole in the eardrum can easily get rid of this problem.

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