Will LGS and YKS Exams Be Postponed? Minister Selçuk Announced

Will the lgs and high exams be postponed?
Will the lgs and high exams be postponed?

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk was a guest on TRT Haber live broadcast. Minister Selçuk, in the live broadcast of TRT Haber, made statements regarding the distance education process that will continue in all educational institutions within the scope of coronavirus measures and answered the questions on the education agenda.

Stating that schools are open until July 2 and there will be only one exam in the second term in high schools, Minister Selçuk said, “If we can manage this process well by hand in hand after full closure, we can achieve very healthy results and if necessary, we can ensure that schools are opened at all grade levels. Our goal is to open all classes, taking into account the priorities. " found the assessment.

When asked what the planning was for the opening of the schools after the full closing process, Selçuk stated that their desire was to open the schools completely, but they were trying to act in line with the recommendation of the Scientific Committee and the tables put forward by the Ministry of Health.

Selçuk said, “Thinking that the number of cases will decrease with the complete closure process, I hope this will be a hope for the opening of schools. If we can manage this process well hand in hand, very healthy results can be obtained and if necessary, schools can be opened at all grade levels. Our goal is to open all classes, taking into account the priorities. " used the expressions.

Stating that the classes in which face-to-face training will begin after May 17 will begin to be clear within a week or two, Selçuk gave the following information:

“We can say that around 30 percent of the second term exams in secondary schools are completed. A little more in high schools. All 12th grade exams are over. An arrangement will be made for the other classes after May 17, and the arrangement here will be a more flexible arrangement. Approximately 40 percent of the exams have been completed in high schools. There will be only one exam in the second term in high schools. "

Stating that it is not possible to postpone the central examination within the scope of the High School Transition System (LGS), Selçuk made the following assessment on whether there will be a change in the LGS calendar: says. We currently do not have any decision to postpone these. It will be held on the determined dates. " said.

Reminding that the vaccination of teachers started on February 24, Selçuk added that vaccination appointments were opened for 425 thousand 500 teachers.

Reminding that the schools will be open until July 2, Selçuk said, “Parents who wish for the summer; they will see hundreds of activities to support their children with math camp, course or summer schools, or support work on television and EBA online activities. he spoke.

Emphasizing that they want to give the report cards to the students face to face, Selçuk said that if the report is not given face to face, the digital report card is also ready.

"Assessment on kindergartens continues"

When asked about the condition of kindergartens and kindergartens in the process of closure, Minister Selçuk reminded that nurseries are affiliated to the Ministry of Family and Social Services and continued as follows:

“In the Ministry of National Education, there is a 5-year-old group that we call pre-school and kindergarten. Our pre-school education institutions were always open during this period. Our preschool teachers showed great devotion. However, in this complete closure, the recommendations of the Scientific Committee and other numerical data showed us that the schools under our Ministry should also be closed for a while in this process. We followed it. We had a telephone conversation with our Minister about daycare centers, and an evaluation is ongoing. There will probably be an announcement tomorrow. "

"Teachers and school principals will not go to school in the period of complete closure"

Emphasizing that teachers will not be obliged to attend school for one day during the complete closure process, Selçuk said that school principals will not go to school during this period.
Stating that they distributed nearly 750 thousand tablets with 25 GB internet to students during the epidemic process, Selçuk explained that studies on tablet distribution and EBA Support Points are also continuing.

Transferring information about the psychology studies of children who are locked at home, Selçuk emphasized that as the Ministry, they can take fast progress in closing the academic gaps, but that the improvement of social-emotional problems requires long-term studies.

Referring to the results of a study they conducted on high school students, Selçuk said that 21,8 percent of the students said “I started to isolate myself more from others”, 19,7 percent of them “I started having trouble sleeping”, and 15,6 percent of the students “ I started having problems with nutrition. " He stated that they made such statements.

Stating that the psycho-social support line continues to work on this issue, the psychological counselors provide 24-hour service, and there are important topics regarding these supports in the National Support Program (UDEP); In addition, he stated that they provide publications, videos and teacher training.

"What would you recommend to teachers and students in the process of closure?" On the question of Minister Selçuk, “The thing that I am most sorry for is two springs in the lives of children. 'What does this have to do with education?' It can be said, but it is very important that the spring passes, it is very important to stay closed in the spring, it is a great loss in human life. In this regard, it is very important for our children to go out and their physical activities. Physical movement, emotional interaction and some mental activities, these three, must be balanced in the development of the child. " he spoke.

Selçuk advises children to move around even at home, to do socially and emotionally relaxing activities, to get together with friends remotely, to play various games with parents, to read books and do music, and to follow entertaining activities on EBA TV. He pointed out the importance.

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