What to Consider When Buying a Sphygmomanometer?

What should be considered when buying a sphygmomanometer
What should be considered when buying a sphygmomanometer

Sphygmomanometer is the most well-known health equipment. Its other name is sphygmomanometer. It is a medical device that can be needed at any time, with one or two in almost every home. It can be used permanently or temporarily in emergencies due to chronic diseases related to blood pressure. Blood pressure refers to a very serious parameter in terms of health. Therefore, it may need to be kept under constant control. In short, it can be expressed as the pressure of the blood within the veins.

Changes in blood pressure values ​​can seriously affect the body. It can even lead to fatal dangers. There are 3 types, mercury, cool (or aneroid) and digital. The mercurial and cool ones are used with a stethoscope. The digital ones are very simple to use. Digital sphygmomanometers have an on-off button and memory buttons that show previous measurement values. There are models that measure from arm and wrist. During the measurement, the device must be kept at heart level. The type, quality and measurement accuracy of the sphygmomanometer used are very important. People who take regular blood pressure measurements and monitor their blood pressure know the importance of this. Which blood pressure device to choose should be determined in accordance with the need.

People who regularly monitor blood pressure measure and record their blood pressure. He then shares this information with his doctors. Physicians also interpret the recorded parameters and plan the treatment for the current conditions. If there is an error in the recorded blood pressure values, the treatment may be planned incorrectly and the patient may get worse. For this reason, the quality and reliability of the sphygmomanometer to be preferred is very important.

Sphygmomanometers are generally divided into 2. One of them is manual and the other is digital. Manual ones are divided into 2 as mercurial and cool (or aneroid). Sphygmomanometers, which are mercury and aneroid, are mostly used by healthcare teams and training is needed for their use. Measurement results are more reliable than digital ones. Although digital blood pressure devices are generally used at home, there are also models used by healthcare professionals in hospitals. Digital ones measure automatically through sensors and display the result on the screen. It is very easy to use compared to manual ones. For this reason, it is mostly preferred by home users.

Sphygmomanometers are more affordable compared to other medical devices on the market. The market price of digital devices that can be used at home varies between 100 TL and 1000 TL. A good quality device can be used for many years without any problems. Low-quality products, on the other hand, can malfunction in a short time and may endanger the user's health due to faulty measurement results. Measurement accuracy not tested a sphygmomanometer should not be used. The treatment process may be adversely affected due to incorrect measurements. In addition, this situation may cause the wrong drug use. Choosing products of well-proven brands minimizes these risks.

Digital sphygmomanometers have some additional features. The heart rate feature is available in all digital sphygmomanometers on the market. Some models can also detect irregular heartbeats. There are also devices with oximetry (measuring the amount of oxygen in the blood). Most products have a memory feature. These record the measurements made. Measurement information can be accessed on the screen of the device or on the computer at any time. With the development of technology, devices that can send the measurements directly to the physician's computer or to the patient's relatives via SMS have also been produced. When procuring a digital sphygmomanometer, it is necessary to pay attention to the following:

  • It should be obtained from a specialist medical device company that can recommend products suitable for the needs of the patient.
  • The brand of the device must be a proven and known brand.
  • Attention should be paid to the place of production. It gives a clue in terms of quality standards in which country it is produced.
  • It is necessary to avoid very cheap blood pressure devices.
  • Blood pressure devices that measure from the arm give more accurate results than those that measure from the wrist.
  • The package of the product should not be worn or torn.
  • The device must not have been used before.
  • There should be a user manual and warranty certificate in the package.
  • Accessories specified in the user manual must be complete.
  • There should be brand, model, place of production, medical and technical information on the package of the product.
  • The product must have a barcode.
  • The product must comply with the Medical Device Regulation of the Ministry of Health.
  • Sphygmomanometers measuring from the arm have cuffs in various sizes (the part attached to the arm). According to the arm size, the appropriate sleeve size should be preferred. The sleeve size must be specified on the package of the product.
  • If the user has an irregularity in the heartbeat, that is, arrhythmia, the preferred sphygmomanometer should be able to detect this situation.
  • Original and invoiced products with at least 2 years of warranty should be preferred.

If you pay attention to the above mentioned items while supplying digital sphygmomanometer from the market, the risk of experiencing problems will be greatly reduced.

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