What Is MIS-C Appeared 4-6 Weeks After Corona Transfer?

What is mis c that appears weeks after corona infection
What is mis c that appears weeks after corona infection

Private Samsun Harbor Hospital Child Health and Diseases Specialist Dr. Nazlı Karakullukçu Çebi gave important information on the subject. Coronavirus has been the nightmare of all of us, especially when we say mutants and case numbers, we are all on a thorn now. Especially now we know that since the incidence of children between the ages of 0-9 has increased, everyone has focused on their children. They are not unfair, while some of them have simple flu and diarrhea, we also see that something called MIS-C is mentioned with fear. So let's see what is this MIS-C.

Dr. Nazlı Karakullukçu Çebi said, “MIS-C, which occurs 4-6 weeks after corona infection, mostly shows symptoms with high fever. Fever, vomiting and abdominal pain can occur in MIS-C syndrome. The abdominal pain in MIS-C is so severe that in some cases pediatric patients can be thought to have appendicitis. ”He continued as follows:“ The reason is not fully known, it is thought to be related to the immune system. Symptoms of this disease can be high fever, abdominal pain, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fatigue, weakness, rashes in the arms and legs, cracks in the mouth and lips. At the same time, the inflammation values ​​in the blood values ​​of the patients are high.

Private Samsun Port Hospital Dr. Nazlı Karakullukçu Çebi. ”While corona antibody is positive in most of the children diagnosed with MIS-C, the PCR test is negative. Moreover, half of the children who develop MIS-C do not have any underlying diseases. According to studies, 50 percent of children who are overweight or obese have MIS-C. Obesity and asthma are also common in children with MIS-C disease. While children with Covid-19 have upper respiratory tract infections, MIS-C syndrome can have fever, vomiting (and abdominal pain. Abdominal pain in MIS-C is so severe that some patients can be thought to have appendicitis.

Dr. Nazlı Karakullukçu Çebi said, “Heart problems can also be seen in children with MIS-C syndrome. Widening of the heart vessels can be seen. If you remember, before the name of MIS-C was named, everyone was spoken of increasing the frequency of Kawasaki in corona children. We now know that this is the corona-associated MIS-c. Although it is usually seen between the ages of 8 and 18, we now know that this disease has lowered the limit by age 3. So when should we suspect this disease? Prolonged fever (four or more days), red eyes, rash on the body, redness or peeling of the palms and soles, severe abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea; If your child has them, contact your pediatrician immediately. There is no known definitive treatment for MIS-C disease, but our children benefit from the treatments given. Net, there is no study that gives MIS-C numbers in the world and in our country. However, studies have shown that 19-6 percent of child Covid-20 cases requiring hospitalization are children with MIS-C, and among them there are 1-2 percent MIS-C patients who need intensive care unit care. "If you have fever, abdominal pain and diarrhea, please do not be afraid to come to the hospital, do not waste time at home when this disease is so common and is now common in children. Do not have fears, do not have a disaster!"

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