Elazig Public Transport Timetable Weekend Arrangement

Weekend arrangements for elazig public transport hours
Weekend arrangements for elazig public transport hours

Elazig Municipality, with the decision of the Provincial General Hygiene Board, made public transportation services due to the curfew to be applied at the weekend.

As part of the Gradual Normalization Process, due to the curfew that will start at 2:21.00 on Friday, April 5 and end at 05.00:XNUMX on Monday, April XNUMX, public transportation vehicles will serve on Saturday and Sunday on reorganized departure times.

An Expedition Will Be Held Every Two Hours

In the statement made by Elazig Municipality Press and Public Relations Directorate; In our city, which is in the category of the High Risk group within the scope of the 'Gradual Normalization Process, public transportation departure times have been rearranged due to the curfew to be applied at the weekend. In this direction, for our citizens who are included in the 'Places and Persons Exempt from Curfew Restriction' list, a voyage will be arranged every two hours from the central neighborhoods between 07.00-18.00.

Free Transportation Service for Students Taking the MSU Exam

In addition, free transportation services will be provided by Elazig Municipality to the students who will take the 'National Defense University Military Student Candidate Examination (4-MSÜ)' which will be held by the Directorate of Assessment, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) on Sunday, April 2021, in order to facilitate their transportation to the examination points. . Students who will take the exam will be able to use public transportation free of charge by submitting their exam entry documents. ' It was said.

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