The Way of the Mind in Transportation Awards Found Their Owners

Way of mind in transportation awards found their owners
Way of mind in transportation awards found their owners

The "Way of Mind in Transportation" Awards of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Association (AUSDER) found their owners. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality was awarded the special jury award with its “Task and Personnel Management System” software.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality returned with an award from AUSDER's "Way of Mind in Transportation Awards", which was organized for the fourth time this year, by acting as a bridge between institutions and organizations in different disciplines and aiming to ensure that they meet on the same platform, develop their relations and the sector.

With the “Task and Personnel Management System” software implemented by the teams of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Transportation Intelligent Transportation Systems Branch, a 46 percent reduction in signaling malfunctions occurs in a month, while the identified malfunctions are immediately intervened by the teams.

Assoc. Dr. The jury, made by Ahmet Yazıcı and attended by important sector representatives and managers such as Erol Yanar Esma Dilek, Serhat Melik, Berrin Benli, Cem Vedat Işık and Selman Demirel kazandetermined his moments.

The awards will be presented to the awarded institutions at the Award Ceremony to be held at the 4th International Smart Grids and Cities Congress and Fair to be held in Istanbul on June 5-2021, 8.

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