Tunç Soyer Evaluated Izmir's Weekly Number of Cases

Tunc Soyer evaluated the weekly number of cases in Izmir
Tunc Soyer evaluated the weekly number of cases in Izmir

The Covid-19 case map on the website of the Ministry of Health shows the latest situation in all cities across the country. In the week of April 17-23, the number of cases was measured as 4,3 per 100 thousand in İzmir with a population of 335 million.

Evaluating the picture, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer emphasized that they have been acting in the light of the concept of 'Crisis Municipalism' since March 2019. Pointing out that they carry out continuous and regular cleaning and disinfection works in all public vehicles and areas in the city, especially public transportation vehicles, in order to overcome the difficult process in the lightest way possible, Soyer said, “The relatively positive figure we see on behalf of Izmir on the Covid-19 map is an important "I think it's the result."

Soyer: We take all the precautions

From the beginning of the process; Reminding that they provide services with maskematics and hand disinfection units in addition to disinfection works, Mayor Soyer continued as follows: “We have done everything we can do to increase the protection measures and social awareness in our city, and we continue to do so. In addition to the classical measures, we introduced the Orange Circle criteria. This practice highlights businesses that comply with mask-distance-hygiene rules; It encourages all businesses to comply with these rules. Thanks to the responsible behavior of our fellow countrymen and protecting themselves and their environment, the number of cases in Izmir is relatively low compared to many. However, we all have a great duty to bring these numbers down even more and to normalize controlled. Our scientific board saw this trend weeks ago and called for a complete closure. I hope that social supports will be put in place and the measures will give positive results. I am sure that we will survive this difficult period by supporting each other by maintaining the same sensitivity. "

Uninterrupted disinfection in public transportation

In addition to ESHOT, İZULAŞ, Metro, Tram and İZDENİZ affiliated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İZBAN, which is operated by TCDD-Metropolitan partnership, continues instant and daily hygiene and disinfection activities in a highly disciplined manner in order to protect public health. All transportation vehicles are cleaned of viruses and bacteria with water-based cleaning products that do not harm human and environmental health, both after the trips and at the end of the day.

Full compliance with the rules

The number of trips has been increased in order to minimize the density that can be experienced in all public transportation vehicles, especially in the morning and evening hours. While passengers are not allowed to enter vehicles, stations and piers without a mask, hand disinfection devices are also actively used. Masks, distance and hygiene warnings are made with frequent announcements at transfer centers, stations and piers.

There is also a HES Code check

On the other hand, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs circular, public transportation vehicles can only be boarded with Izmirim Cards whose HES Code is defined. Thanks to the instant connection of the Electronic Fee Collection System with the database of the Ministry of Health, the identification of the citizens on the patient or contact lists is made instantly. These people are not allowed on public transport.

Disinfection at 354 thousand points

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has been continuing its disinfection works continuously since last year, has carried out cleaning and disinfection works at 27 thousand points open to the public, within the scope of the works carried out with 400 teams and 354 personnel. Teams affiliated to the Environmental Protection and Control Branch Directorate; It has literally protected public areas such as parks, health institutions, police stations, sports grounds, schools, places of worship, mukhtar offices, pharmacies, banks, cafes and restaurants, service buildings of public institutions and organizations. Uninterrupted disinfection teams in taxis, minibuses and 112 emergency ambulances have used nearly 10 thousand liters of disinfectant so far. İZBETON General Directorate also carried out cleaning works in 176 mosques this year.

Orange circle application

The Orange Circle project, developed by the Izmir Tourism Hygiene Board, coordinated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in order to bring hygiene standards to municipal licensed businesses throughout the city, has been implemented since June 2020. In this context, accommodation and catering facilities that meet the determined criteria and businesses that offer takeaway services are announced to the public by issuing an Orange Circle certificate. Airline companies were also included in the application in the past weeks, and firstly, SunExpress company was entitled to receive the orange circle. kazanhad been. With the application, businesses are encouraged to comply with health measures to the maximum extent under pandemic conditions.

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