Those Who Have To Work In Full Closure Will Be Allowed With E-Application

Those who have to work in full closure will be allowed by application to e
Those who have to work in full closure will be allowed by application to e

Minister Süleyman Soylu made a statement concerning those who had to work in full closure on NTV live broadcast. Soylu stated that an application can be made via e-Government and permission can be obtained.

Upon the question about travel permits during the full closure period, Soylu said, “Let me say something new; We have an e-Government system that the world admires. Our Ministry is at one of the best points in the e-Government system. Here, in our e-application system, there was a 'travel permit' section. Today, for the convenience of our citizens, we opened an area in the Ministry of Internal Affairs where they can directly enter the travel permit without entering the e-application section. " used the expression.


Soylu shared the following information about the new application: “They will enter the travel permit, and who can benefit from it is already evident on the buttons there. A travel permit will be available for this purpose. Whoever can benefit from this intercity travel exemption is written there. At the same time, we opened a new button for the funeral. In the past, it was done by putting a burial certificate in the travel permit. Now there is no need for that either. You write your name, the name of your funeral, the TR ID number, and our system automatically allows up to 10 people directly from the Ministry of Health system. More than 10 people can be taken from the travel permit boards. "


Minister of Interior Soylu emphasized that they facilitated the process for those who work in the grocery store, grocery store, production, logistics, procurement, etc.

Soylu noted the following: “Our colleagues will put it into effect in the evening regarding the work permit. Press the SGK button on the e-Government, enter their TR ID numbers and print them out. So much. Institutions will not need to provide a separate letter. Let's say it could not be received, we are publishing it again, this time the institutions worked with will give you a staff paper. The name, surname and the institution's name, surname and the 'This is my employee with the following SGK registration. He will sign a paper saying, 'I am also responsible for the misuse of this'. In other words, we will provide this very easily via e-Government, there will be no need to receive a letter from anyone. If not, a document can be obtained from the workplace. We have both classical and modern methods. "

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