President Zeybek, AFRAY Project Cannot Be Rejected

the rejection of the president zeybek afray project
the rejection of the president zeybek afray project

Speaking at the council meeting of Afyonkarahisar Municipality in April, Mayor Mehmet Zeybek stated that there is no such thing as rejection of the AFRAY Project and that they will unite the university and the city center with the project.

Afyonkarahisar Municipal Council held its April Ordinary Assembly Meeting. At the meeting, which started with the reading of the summary of the minutes of the previous meeting at the Mayor's Presidency, Mehmet Zeybek, Afyonkarahisar Municipality's 2020 annual report was accepted by majority vote.

AFRAY Will Be Integrated With High Speed ​​Train

Zeybek President, who quoted the last meeting held with the ministry regarding AFRAY, said that they demanded an allowance of 2021 million lira for XNUMX. Expressing the statements of the Minister of Transport upon this request, Baykan Zeybek said, “We made the tender for the high-speed train line, which the Minister said. It is integrated with AFRAY in this project. I hope we will make it happen. " he made his promise ”.

"There Is No Refusal"

Mayor Mehmet Zeybek pointed out that there is never a situation like rejecting the AFRAY project; “Our goal was to unite the university and the center in the first place. A High Speed ​​Train station will be built across the Korel Hotel on an area of ​​267 thousand square meters. Our citizens coming to the High Speed ​​Train station will get on the AFRAY line and come to the DDY Ali Çetinkaya Gar station. We are continuing our studies on the catenary system, where we will transport those who come here to the center free of charge. "Our aim in the project is to unite the university and the city center."

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