Expert Response to Vaccine Opponents 'The Increasing Vaccine Opposition Problem Should Be Addressed Immediately!'

The problem of vaccine resistance, which has increased expert response to vaccine opponents, should be addressed urgently.
The problem of vaccine resistance, which has increased expert response to vaccine opponents, should be addressed urgently.

“The coronavirus process has once again demonstrated that the vaccine is important. Vaccine challenge; It is one of the biggest threats in the disruption of community immunity and in the formation of diseases and epidemics that can be prevented by vaccination. Hence the problem of vaccine rejection and vaccine rejection; It is an issue that needs to be handled seriously before encountering bad results, ”said Istanbul Okan University Hospital Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Serkan Atıcı gave information about anti-vaccination during the 24-30 April World Vaccination Week.

One of the most important health problems of the childhood age group is infectious diseases, most of which are contagious. Practices aimed at preventing these diseases have always maintained their importance in medical practice. In this context, vaccines are one of the most important building blocks of preventive health services in childhood, not only protecting the child but also making important contributions to the public health. We can say that the vulnerable groups in the society can be protected to a certain extent thanks to those who are vaccinated. The number of pregnant women, very young babies, those with deficiency in the defense system, organ transplants, cancer patients, and those receiving treatment that suppress the defense system such as chemotherapy is increasing day by day in our country. When we consider these vulnerable groups and individuals, some of whom cannot be vaccinated, it is possible to say that vaccination is a social solidarity.

The Increasing Vaccine Opposition Problem Should Be Addressed Immediately!

Anti-vaccination first came to the agenda in England; E. Massey, who was a scholar in this period, said that diseases were sent by God as a punishment to people; For this reason, he claimed that trying to prevent diseases was to oppose God, and he found himself a large following by describing the vaccination attempts as obeying the devil. Today, anti-vaccine individuals and groups continue to influence society through the internet and some media outlets, taking advantage of the opportunities of our age. The coronavirus process has once again shown that the vaccine is important. Vaccine challenge; Disrupting community immunity is one of the biggest threats to diseases that can be prevented by vaccine, and even epidemics. Hence the increasing problem of vaccine anti-vaccine and vaccine rejection; It is an issue that needs to be dealt with seriously and resolved with concrete steps before encountering bad consequences socially. Unfortunately, there has not been sufficient sensitivity regarding this issue in our country. There is also no comprehensive clinical study and / or data performed. As Istanbul Okan University Hospital Child Health and Diseases Clinic; We are in the planning phase of a study project that includes parents' views and attitudes regarding vaccine anti-vaccination and which aims to analyze the data of families with or against vaccination rejection and we hope to start working as soon as possible.

"Anti-Vaccine Thoughts Are Refuted"

One of the most frequent concerns of anti-vaccine families is that pharmaceutical and vaccine companies do not rely on the health of the community but on their own. kazanThey think that they care about themselves. However, these concerns are not enough for humanity to stop using one of the most effective means of struggle in the field of health in the face of the efficacy and safety of the vaccines at hand. Other reasons suggested by families against vaccination; It can be grouped under the headings such as the belief that vaccines cause certain diseases such as autism, that vaccination adversely affects the defense system, that the incidence of side effects is deliberately hidden, that it contradicts the beliefs of some groups with the belief that it contains alcohol or pork products. In any case, almost all of the anti-vaccine theses have been refuted by studies involving thousands of cases, and by coherent analyzes involving a huge case series of 14 million, from which these studies were compiled.

"Vaccination Services is a Public Responsibility"

Regarding vaccination; There is no such thing as no side effects or no risks. However, as in all over the world, possible side effects of vaccines are carefully monitored, records are kept, and real negativities related to vaccination and coincidental developments are closely monitored. Vaccination services are a public responsibility. Therefore; It is necessary to enlighten the public about diseases that can be protected by vaccine in the light of scientific data, to develop educational tools to refute anti-vaccine theses, and to make legal arrangements for the protection of people at risk through immunization. All officials in various fields, including the public institutions, especially the print or visual media, which have a fundamental role in raising the awareness of the society, should exhibit scientific behaviors in this regard. For the health of the whole society, especially for our children; that do not reflect the truth, do not coincide with scientific studies, or even contradict; Preventing the dissemination of incomplete, incorrect or incorrect information is also a very important and necessary responsibility.

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