Zerogibi Machine Gives Identity To Every Machine With QR Code

Zero-Like Machine Gives Identity To Every Machine With QR Code
Zero-Like Machine Gives Identity To Every Machine With QR Code Operations Specialist Gizem Bozkurt states that they aim to have an identity for each machine with the QR code feature developed for the machines offered for sale on their site, which brings together those who want to sell and buy second hand machines on a common platform.

"As Turkey's Zero Used Equipment Site" you used to make the sale of machines and get the target of those who want to meet on a common platform was implemented. Operations Specialist Gizem Bozkurt, who noted that the websites are differentiated from their counterparts with features such as QR code (data matrix), what my machine is worth, tenders / auctions, emphasizes that they aim to have an identity for each machine with the QR code feature, which we pasted on the machines offered for sale on the site.

He states that by scanning the QR code of the machine on his smart phone, he can access a lot of information about the history of the machine, from the origin of the machine to the year it was manufactured, from the maintenance performed to the failure records, and this creates a sense of trust in the buyer.


Gizem Bozkurt, explaining the needs for which offers services; “ is a marketplace that brings together those who want to sell machines and those who want to buy machines on a common platform. We launched our site in order to meet those who want to both sell and buy second-hand machines. We set out in the first quarter of 2020 with the aim of delivering the machines used in the industry to the users again, with the same precision and in accordance with their needs. Here you will find anywhere in Turkey machines for sale on our website. Whether a person wants to sell his machine or a machine suitable for his needs, he can easily see the ads on sale by entering our website on the web or mobile, or after signing up, he can place an advertisement to sell his machine. Sales can be made in two ways, by posting ads or by auction method. Persons their machines; They can be offered for sale in any currency they want, such as TL, dollar or euro. Among the services we offer on our website; expert support, technical support and "what is my machine for?" We have services such as. In our "Notify me" section, if the buyer cannot find a machine that meets his criteria on our site, he / she sends us all the information from the brand to the features and price ranges by filling out a form. If a machine that is particularly suitable or close to the criteria sought is offered for sale in the system, we inform them via e-mail or telephone. To our "Showcase" section; We are launching machines with affordable prices, better condition and more suitable for sale. It is the first products seen directly on our homepage. When the seller makes a discount, they can go to the "showcase". In addition, we have blog posts on our site, where we share weekly news that are informative on various topics such as the use and maintenance of machinery and that sector representatives should follow. " said.

Stating that advertisements can be opened for the sale of all kinds of machines on the site, Bozkurt said; “Any type of machine may be advertised for sale, but there are already more machines for industry. Advertisements with CNC machining, press brakes, CNC lathes, manual lathes, manual milling machines are intense. Apart from these, there may be welding machines, industrial robots, robot arms. In summary, we do not have any other criteria other than being a second hand and industrial machine. " said.


Gizem Bozkurt, who gives information about the conditions of selling and the auction method; "To become a member of our site; As in every website, we have basic conditions such as being of age, having a purpose such as selling the machine or buying a machine. Currently, it is free to subscribe to our website and publish advertisements. Those who wish can sign up free of charge and publish advertisements for the sale of their machines. In the auction (tender) method, a person who wants to sell a machine to our site starts the auction by determining a minimum price. In fact, we can say that we adapted the tender method used in trade to the machines. In this method, offers are made, but if the seller does not reach the desired number, the sale of that machine may not be realized. We announce on our website, the auction is held online. First of all, there is a participation fee determined for the machine and those who want to participate in the auction pay us. If the machine is purchased or the offer is canceled, we refund the participation fee. On the day of the auction held online after the participation fee is paid, bids are given above the current price, and at the end, the machine that makes the most bids is bought. Users determine the duration of the auction. It can determine its duration not daily or weekly, but hourly. Anyone who wishes can participate in this method and sell their machine through an auction, or directly advertise on our site to see their information and reach them. "It is a feature that does not exist on any web site on the machine, we have applied it to the machines."


“From time to time, people in the industry want to renew, change or sell their machines. When they put the machine on sale, the person who will buy the machine does not have much information about the history of the machine. At this point, we activated the QR code feature. As, we aim to give identity to all machines. We automatically generate a QR code for every machine that enters our system. This code is the machine ID. Just like the Turkish Republic identity number given to the citizens. We paste this code on the machine. When the person who wants to buy the machine reads the QR code on his phone, he can see all the historical information about the machine on his phone. The buyer can access a lot of information about the machine, from the place it was taken to, the maintenance it went through, the malfunctions it gave, to its origin and the year it was manufactured. This creates a sense of trust in the people who will buy the machine and causes the buyer to buy more reliably. "

"What is my machine worth?" providing information about the services of Bozkurt; “What is my machine for ?, is our service for users who have no idea about their machine and do not know the market value. When our users click on this section, we ask them to fill out a form. They write down information such as the machine's photos, brand, model, malfunctions. After entering this information and submitting the form, the value of the machine is notified to the user via e-mail in about 30 minutes. At this point, depending on the machine features in the filled forms, we make use of the artificial intelligence technology developed by our software developers in order to reveal the value of the machine. For this reason, we can return in a short time and inform our users about its value. " said.



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