YKS Exam Is Short, Set Up Quickly And Focus On The Exam

The high exam is short, recover quickly and focus on the exam
The high exam is short, recover quickly and focus on the exam

Put aside your fears and anxieties. Get together quickly and focus on the exam. Breaths were held for the 2021 YKS. There is very little time left for the Higher Education Institutions Examination (YKS-2021), which is the university entrance exam. While the candidates speeded up their preparations for the exam, their fears or anxieties also increased.

Regarding the subject, Istanbul Rumeli University Department of Psychology Dr. Lecturer Gülhan Gökçe CERAN YILDIRIM said, “At the end of an intense study period, there is very little time left for the exam. We have passed and are passing through difficult times that every candidate has experienced for the first time. I am sure that we have the strength to adapt to all conditions, all of the candidates have tried to do their part despite all these negative conditions. It is obvious that all candidates are going through a difficult process, but they need to set aside their worries and quickly recover and focus on the exam so that their efforts are not wasted until now. ''

'' Intense anxiety prevents your success ''

Yıldırım explained the difference between fear and anxiety as follows: “Although fear and anxiety are seen as equivalent concepts, they contain quite different meanings. While fear is a normal response to an abnormal situation by every person whose life integrity is threatened, anxiety is a not very useful outcome that is felt by considering the possible negative scenarios of the event that has not yet occurred. A small amount of anxiety is useful to get you moving. However, intense anxiety unfortunately limits your capacity by preventing you from using your potential at the highest level. It prevents your success. Everything that can be repeated / alternative in life is among the lucky life experiences of people, and it should be remembered that even if there is negativity in every subject that can be repeated, it is not an end. ''

Mentioning that the remaining short time should be used very well, Istanbul Rumeli University Psychology Department Dr. Instructor Member Gülhan Gökçe CERAN YILDIRIM continued her words as follows: “You should not forget that the exam is a marathon and you should definitely not stop studying even if your net worth has not increased until the last month. Because the last month is the period of ascension in the exam process. At this point, those who do not give up and are determined kazanthey will cry,'' he said.

Well, "How should you study in this short time before the YKS exam?" Yıldırım answered this question as follows:

Increase your daily working hours and pace

Since there is little time left for the exam, you need to increase your daily working hours and pace. First of all, focus more on the topics you understand. In other words, eliminate any issues that you could not do despite your efforts throughout the year. Repeat your not fully learned topics. As you repeat, identify the issues you missed in the mock exams and look at the rate at which these subjects appear in the exams. If you finish the subjects that are high in the exam with priority, you will have a chance to make more clear in the exam results in a short time.

Take lots of practice tests

Focus mainly on general retests and mock exams. It will be very beneficial for you to solve the questions that have come up in the past years. Your trial results can be good and sometimes bad, do not be pessimistic. Be sure to learn the solution to any problem you make wrong.

Eliminate your time problem

First of all, take the actual exam times as basis when solving the mock exam. Stay steady while solving the mock exam, as you will not be able to get up during that time in the exam. Behaviors done at the same time during the day become a habit. Such as sleeping, waking up, eating and drinking habits. It is beneficial to adapt these habits to the exam time until the exam. For example; Such as waking up at that time on the morning of the exam, having breakfast, not drinking tea and coffee in the time of the exam because you cannot drink tea and coffee during the exam.

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