Minister of National Education Selçuk at Anıtkabir with Children

Selcuk, the minister of national education, with the children in the mausoleum
Selcuk, the minister of national education, with the children in the mausoleum

Ziya Selçuk, Minister of National Education, visited Anıtkabir on the occasion of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day. 23 The delegation consisting of ministry bureaucrats, teacher representatives, students and parents headed by Selçuk walked from Aslanlı Yol to Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's mausoleum.

After Selçuk laid a wreath on the mausoleum, a minute of silence was observed, and then the Turkish National Anthem was sung.

After taking a souvenir photo on the stairs of Anıtkabir, Minister Selçuk wrote the following in the Anıtkabir Special Book at the Misak-ı Milli Tower:

“The founder of our Republic, the first President of our Gazi Council, Headmaster Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the foundation of our 101-year anniversary of the National Sovereignty and Children's Day to celebrate the 18 million students and teachers on behalf old huzurunuzd a million. At a historical turn where our nation is faced with losing its freedom and its national existence is under threat, "The independence of the nation will be saved again by the determination and decision of the nation." It is one of the most important events in our history that you will show the way with determination and ensure the establishment of our supreme Assembly by putting the national will at the top. "

"They will continue to honor you every day, not just on April 23rd."

Reminding that Atatürk placed the love of children on the basis of human love and gifted the children April 23 as a holiday, Selçuk stated that for this reason, they consider themselves valuable and look forward to the future with hope.

Emphasizing that children understand that they should not be daunted in the face of difficulties today by taking Atatürk as an example, and that they are preparing for the future with a strong love of homeland, Selçuk said:

“We want you to know that the children of this nation will not fall behind other children in the world in any field of education, they will continue to achieve success in science and technology, always looking to the skies, that is, their future with hope. They will continue to remember you with reverence not only on April 23, but every day, and walk resolutely in the light of the universal principles and ideas you point out. On this occasion, we gratefully commemorate our martyrs and our veterans personally. May your soul be blessed. "

Kovid-19 measures during the visit

The Anıtkabir visit delegation, headed by the Minister of National Education Selçuk, was formed with a limited number of participants this year, as in last year, within the scope of Kovid-19 measures.

Before his visit, disinfection work was carried out in Anıtkabir and the soldiers changed their guard.

While the delegates were wearing masks, social distance was preserved during the walk on the Lion Road, laying a wreath on the mausoleum and signing the Anıtkabir Special Book.

During the visit to Anıtkabir, Selçuk walked side by side with Keçiören Kalaba Kindergarten student Sarp Kerimoğlu and Arya Çetinkaya, who carried the Turkish flag in their hands.

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