Rauf Denktaş Bridge and Manavgat Fish Market are Renewed

The rauf Eşiktas bridge and the fish market are being renewed
The rauf Eşiktas bridge and the fish market are being renewed

The Municipality of Manavgat started a radical arrangement work on the Rauf Denktaş Bridge, which was rented 15 years ago with the build-operate-transfer model and frequently criticized by the citizens for its outdated and unusable structure.
Manavgat Municipality, which took over the bridge after fulfilling the official procedures with the expiry of the rental period, firstly carried out the evacuation and subsequent demolition of the businesses on the bridge.


Municipal teams took action to clean the structures on the bridge while also renovating the Manavgat Fish Market located in the same area. Manavgat Mayor Şükrü Sözen has prepared a magnificent project for the Manavgat Fish Market, which will be extremely modern, useful and appealing to every segment. Business owners, who were in the fish market with the bridge, worked hand in hand with the municipal teams and emptied their shops.


According to the project prepared by Manavgat Municipality Directorate of Survey and Project, Manavgat Fish Market was designed as 4 Blocks. The existing structures were designed in accordance with the hygiene conditions of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture. It was stated that these problems will be completely eliminated by considering the complaints of the citizens living in the region, the odor, infrastructure and superstructure. According to the project, there will be both sales and cooking units in the enterprises. In the project, a terrace roof will also be built, allowing guests to watch the river view. There will be 4 Sales and Cooking Units in A Block, 8 Cooking Units in B Block, 8 Sales Units in C Block and 2 restaurants in Market D Block. The space between the B block and the C block has been redesigned and made functional.


Manavgat Mayor Şükrü Sözen said that the Rauf Denktaş Bridge and Manavgat Fish Market were re-designed in a way worthy of the people of Manavgat. Stating that they will make the region more functional, not disturbing the public and suitable for family use with this work, Mayor Sözen said that they are also excited that the project will be implemented. Mayor Sözen said, “Our Fish Market will be extremely beautiful according to the arrangement project we have done. Our people will be able to cross the pedestrian bridge with peace of mind. Our project work on this place continues. "We will share this with the public soon," he said.

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