Passenger Guarantee for Istanbul Ankara Speed ​​Railway is on the Agenda

Passenger guarantee for istanbul ankara surat railway is on the day
Passenger guarantee for istanbul ankara surat railway is on the day

CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın; Stating that after the foreign exchange guarantees given to highways, bridges and airports, which are a large burden on the public budget, passenger guarantees are on the agenda, and a similar model to railways is on the agenda, “Will the Istanbul-Ankara Speed ​​Railway, which is removed from the investment program, be given a passenger guarantee with a public private partnership model? she asked.

CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın; He pointed out that the guarantees given to many projects that the government has tendered within the scope of public-private cooperation have turned into a black hole in the public budget.


Noting that all the guarantees given to bridges, highways, airports and city hospitals are paid from the taxes given by the citizens, CHP member Akın said:

“While the guarantees given in foreign currency over the years grew day by day with the increase in exchange rate; It is calculated that the total amount of guarantees given under PPPs so far is over 140 billion dollars. While all these facts are obvious; We hear that the government is preparing to implement a passenger-guaranteed PPP model for the first time in railways after motorways and airports. "


CHP member Akın pointed out that a process is on the agenda with the public-private partnership model for the Ankara-Istanbul Speed ​​Railway, which was introduced in the 2021 investment program, while it was planned to be built using equity. The wrong economic policies of the ruling noted that Turkey experienced a major crisis CHP Akin; "Empty of outside equity capital abroad in Turkey's attempt to bring in loans. However, lenders abroad only support guaranteed projects ”. Akin of the CHP expressed the following:

“According to the information we received, a serious preparation is being made for a passenger guaranteed model regarding Ankara-Istanbul speed, which was also removed from the investment program. The guarantee payment made to Istanbul Airport from the public budget only in 2020 was 230 million Euros. How will the number of passengers that cannot be reached even at airports be reached by railways? Giving guarantees to railways will cause only public harm. Passenger guarantee to railways means taking from the pocket of the citizen and giving it to the side. Passenger-guaranteed projects are a budget black hole. Guarantees given in foreign currency must be converted into Turkish Lira immediately. "

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