Major Train Accidents and Losses of the Last Decade

Major train accidents and casualties of the last decade
Major train accidents and casualties of the last decade

The accident killed at least 54 people and injured more than 150 when a Taroko Express train operated by the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) derailed in the Hualien area. At the time of the accident, the train was carrying 488 passengers. The eight-wagon train derailed in a tunnel north of Hualien City, allegedly when a construction truck crashed down a slope and hit the train.

This accident is the largest since a 1948 train fire in Taiwan. As of April 2, it is feared that the death toll will rise up to 64.

The painful incident brought to mind train accidents in the last 10 years around the world.

Main train accidents that usually occur due to infrastructure deficiencies:

  • Pakistan, October 31, 2019: Passenger train wagons caught fire. At least 64 people died, 30 were injured
  • Congo, 5 September 2019: Freight train derails More than 50 people die
  • India, October 19, 2018: More than 50 people died, more than 200 were injured when a train hit a crowd on the rails during a festival
  • Turkey July 8, 2018: High-speed train derailed. 25 dead, 317 injured
  • Iran, November 25, 2016: A derailed freight train hit a passenger train. 50 people died, 103 people were injured
  • India, November 20, 2016: Passenger train derailed. 150 dead, 150 injured
  • Cameroon, 21 October 2016: Train derailed: 79 killed, more than 550 injured
  • Spain, July 24, 2013: The high-speed train derailed, failing to take a corner. 79 dead, 140 injured
  • Egypt, November 17, 2012: A train crashed into a student bus at the Henzemin crossing. 50 children died
  • Argentina, February 22, 2012: Passenger train crashed into the station base of the station without stopping. 51 dead, 700 injured
  • India July 10, 2011: A mail train derails. 70 dead, 300 injured


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