Produces BKB Profile Systems in Turkey, Provides Complete Solution

It produces bkb profile systems in Turkey and provides a complete solution.
It produces bkb profile systems in Turkey and provides a complete solution.

Since it is a complementary product to Liftket brand, BM Makina Grup is ahead of imports with the BKB Profil Sistemleri brand it has launched.

Considering that profile systems can be produced in Turkey, BM Makina Grup established the BKB Profil Sistemleri brand in 2004, thus preventing imports and started to offer complete solutions. With its stocked production approach, it provided rapid returns to the needs of customers.


Providing information about the establishment and fields of activity of BKB Profil Sistemleri, BM Makina Group General Manager Kenan Bebek drew attention to the advantages of the product. Bebek said, “While creating the BKB Profil Sistemleri brand, we wanted it to be a complementary product to the Liftket brand. In the past, we were installing crane systems with profile systems imported from abroad. In 2004, we thought we could produce profile systems. We can provide a complete solution with BKB Profile Systems. In addition, we can meet the needs of companies that only need profiles. We offer many advantages with the brand of BKB Profil Sistemleri. First of all, it can be carried out manually, the operator can move it at his own pace, it can be presented to our customers with additional parts and can be used in different areas when necessary. In addition, its module structure allows it to be used in many areas. CNC Machine is preferred for feeding, welding lines and small tonnage works. We respond quickly to the customer as we produce in stock. In addition, we can complete the production in a short time and deliver it to the customer. If you want to buy this system from abroad, you have to wait 2,5 - 3 months. " said.

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