Investments Are Made on Expensive Highways Instead of High Speed ​​Trains

Investments are made on expensive highways instead of high-speed trains
Investments are made on expensive highways instead of high-speed trains

The train route in the project was canceled on the Osmangazi Bridge. The railway is not working on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Stating that the train route, which was in the first place on the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, which was under construction, was canceled, Dr. "It's not too late to add the high-speed train," said Yellow.

IYI Party Local Administrations Chairman Advisor Dr. Stating that the train route, which was in the first place on the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, was canceled, Suat Sarı said, “The train route, which was also in the project, was canceled on the Osmangazi Bridge. There is a railway on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. However, the railway to be built over Northern Marmara has not been operating for 5 years. However, Turkey road traffic safety risk, which is not dependent on imported fossil fuels, cheaper and safer ride the railways should choose to do, "he said. Yellow high-speed train instead of investing all citizens stating that flows expensive highway installs large burden on the budget, "Is that transport policy sets the highway contractors in Turkey?" he asked.

According to the news of Özlem Ermiş Beyhan from SÖZCÜ; According to the Privatization Administration stating that the cost is 4.53 million dollars per kilometer high-speed railway in Turkey to make yellow, whereas the cost of 1 km of the highway to make a million dollars, he said 8.16:1923. Underlining the importance Atatürk gave to railways, Sarı said, “During the Atatürk period, 1938 km of railways were built between 2.815-1.213. During the AKP period, a total of 1.835 km of railways, 15 km of which are high-speed train lines, were built ”. Sarı emphasized that the weight of the high-speed train should be increased in the transportation policy and continued as follows: “Energy-fuel consumption is less costly, the life of the highway is 30 years, the railway life is 1915 years, the preference is; It points out that it is in favor of the railway in terms of both cost and safety. It is not too late to install a lane departure / arrival high speed railway on Kınalı-Balıkesir highway and XNUMX Çanakkale Bridge. "

Much Cheaper

Stating that the vehicles on the 388 km highway between Istanbul and Balıkesir will pay 350 TL plus 300 TL fuel, that is 750 TL for the bridge and the highway, Sarı said, “If the Istanbul -Balıkesir railway was built, compared to the fee applied in the Istanbul-Ankara YHT, the train ticket should not exceed 150 "It would be TL" he said.

Yellow False despite public private partnership projects that had been insisting on highway construction, Turkey has taken with the incapable cadres of transport policy, he said it caused inefficient and vizyonsuz investment.

Reduces food prices with shipping facility

Emphasizing that the logistics centers to be established around the Istanbul-Balıkesir train road and the rail cargo transportation will reduce the prices of vegetables, food and commodities, Dr. Sarı gave the following information: “Kınalı -1915 Çanakkale Bridge- Balıkesir highway must be supported by rail. The railway should start from Marmaray. So Marmaray HalkalıThe high-speed train to be installed near TEM from Istanbul - Silivri (Kınalı) can be realized by the public demanded for years. In this way, citizens prefer to travel by train on the Mahmutbey-Esenyurt line, which is a traffic chaos. "

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