Retirement Bayram Bonus How Many TL? When will the 2021 Retirement Bonuses Go to Pay?

How much was the retirement holiday bonus? When will the retirement bonuses go?
How much was the retirement holiday bonus? When will the retirement bonuses go?

Millions of retirees in Turkey are excitedly waiting for their retirement bonuses. Retirees, who receive bonuses in addition to their salaries on two religious holidays each year, started the countdown for the bonuses to be given during the Ramadan Feast this year. The amount of retirement bonuses, which will be increased this year, is also among the curious issues. The statement on the subject came from President Erdogan the other day. Erdogan announced the hike to retirement bonuses. Accordingly, how much is the retirement bonus, how much money? When will retirement bonuses go to bed?

When Will Retirement Holiday Bonuses Go To Bed?

  • Retirement Ramadan Feast Bonus: 10-12 May 2021
  • Retirement Sacrifice Holiday Bonus: Payment is expected on 12-16 July 2021

How Much Are the Retirement Holiday Bonuses?

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the amount of the holiday bonus to be given to retirement will be 1100 Turkish lira.

Who Can Get the Holiday Bonus?

Eid bonuses are not paid to citizens who receive pensions from special funds such as banks and insurance, whose number reaches 400 thousand. The reason for this is that the application only covers monthly areas from SGK.

Will New Retirees Receive Bayram Bonus?

Another curious issue is whether new retirees will receive bonuses or not. Citizens who submit a retirement petition until the end of April will be able to receive the holiday bonus to be paid in May. However, those who submitted their retirement petition in May will not be able to benefit. The reason for this is that the holiday bonus will be paid in the first week of May.

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