German Automotive Manufacturers Show Off at Shanghai Auto Show

German automotive manufacturers took off at shanghai auto show
German automotive manufacturers took off at shanghai auto show

Shanghai Auto Show, the world's largest automobile organization, opened its doors on April 19. Many automotive manufacturers from different parts of the world participate in the fair, which will last until April 28, but the German giants' special preparation for the fair stands out. Major brands such as Volkswagen (VW) Group, BMW and Mercedes are introducing a number of new e-auto models at the show. As the corona crisis is struggling all over the world, Germany's major manufacturers have shown optimistic approaches in production, linking their hopes to the Chinese market, the world's largest automobile market.

The fact that they did a good job in China last year, helped German manufacturers suffer less than other countries during the epidemic. As a matter of fact, Daimler, VW and BMW experienced only a 10 percent drop in turnover and a drop of 14 percent in this period, which resulted in fewer problems for them than other global motor vehicle manufacturers.

On the other hand, the epidemic crisis affected French manufacturers much harder. On the other hand, according to the latest research, US and Japanese manufacturers also lagged behind in terms of turnover and version compared to the Germans during this period. German manufacturers were able to correct their balance sheets to some extent thanks to their engagement in China, where auto sales are far less affected than Western Europe and the USA. One out of every four VW, BMW and Daimler produced in 2020 has been sold to Chinese customers.

Hundreds of thousands of interested parties are expected to visit about a thousand display stands at the famous automobile fair until April 28. As China has almost completely controlled the coronavirus outbreak since last summer, industry officials gathered in Beijing in September and decided to open the world's second largest auto show in this country within seven months. Visitors show negative test results, take a temperature measurement and prove from their smartphones that they are not from areas deemed "risky".

Source: China International Radio

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