Flash Statement About Izmir Earthquake and Ankara Izmir High Speed ​​Line

Flash explanation about ankara izmir high speed train line
Flash explanation about ankara izmir high speed train line

CHP Izmir Deputy Bedri Serter made paid statements in the parliament about the last Izmir earthquake and the Izmir Ankra High Speed ​​line. Bedri Serter I would like to start by saying that the Ankara - Izmir high-speed train line is not a correct project, neither in terms of its geological structure nor figures. Today, with you, I will share my İzmir'i the pearl of Turkey is seen by the Government of unwanted faces.


Izmir, Turkey's western city of Izmir opened freedoms. Izmir, the castle of democracy, where people of all faiths and cultures make brotherly and friendly neighbors. When I say that I am a member of parliament for Izmir in every inch of my country I visit, it is Izmir where people laugh with another happiness because Izmir is in it. İzmir embraces people equally with its people, local governments, non-governmental organizations, women and men, without any discrimination. Three hundred and sixty-five days later, including the bureaucrats appointed in the bureaucracy, who, for whatever purpose or from where they came from, said, "I became a native of Izmir." Izmir makes you say. İzmir, which has been the only trade port of the Aegean since the Genoese. İzmir, where confident business people work heartily to contribute to the country's industry, trade and tourism, despite all kinds of difficulties.


October 2020, 31 in Samos experienced 116 earthquakes in the lives of hundreds of apartment buildings, the castle who lost their lives in the area but it's all collected in one heart Izmir Turkey. Despite the recent tsunami, flood, storm and forest fires, İzmir stands alone with its local administrations, non-governmental organizations, politicians, and most importantly, 4,5 million people of İzmir. Paying the full tax on the halal money he earned through trade, industry and tourism, he sent 100 units of tax to the central Ankara government and said, "You are not from us, 10 is enough for you." Izmir is still being treated like a stepchild.

Chestnut in Beydağ, livestock farming in Kiraz, potatoes in Ödemiş, olive oil in Tire, history in Selçuk, floristry in Bayındır, king of cherry in Kemalpaşa, pistachio pine, olive oil in Bergama, in Menemen and Kınık ' cotton, tobacco, agricultural industry in Torbalı, greenhouse cultivation in Menderes, vital points of industry in Aliağa, unprecedented touristic areas in Güzelbahçe, Seferihisar, Urla, Çeşme, Karaburun, Foça and Dikili districts, Balçova, Bayraklı, Konak, Karabaglar, Buca, Gaziemir, Bornova, KarşıyakaCigli and all the people of Turkey geography with Narlıdere heart of the capital's commercial area, the Aegean Izmir pupil.

It was the beautiful face of Izmir that I have talked about so far. I have complaints about my city, Izmir, to the Government, I cannot accept; I will speak to you now.


I do not find it right to give the construction of the houses that were destroyed after the earthquake and that should be built in new reserve areas to a single firm without consulting anyone and without being bound by any tender conditions. People who live in the spirit of Izmir do not accept this, we do not accept it.

With a decision taken by the AKP municipality in Bergama with the majority of votes, I do not accept, we do not accept to sell the fields - 832 thousand square meters of agricultural land - cultivated by the ancestors and grandfathers of the people of Bergama for hundreds of years.

I do not accept and do not accept that the beautiful olives and the lands beautified by yellow pines in Tire's Akyurt, Halkapınar, Mehmetler, Üzümler, Küçükkale and Alaylı are slaughtered and handed over to wild mining for two pieces of stone.

In my Izmir, which I have mentioned as a port city since the Genoese, I owe a debt to remind Çandarlı Port, which the government forgot to lay and finish. I do not accept, we do not accept that those who do not dismiss transportation do not open the sea gates of Izmir.

I do not accept, we do not accept that our forests that burned in Menderes two years ago are still not restored and their green face is not revealed.

At the end of the eighteen years of power, I state that the wages received from our truckers and truckers are very high on the 96-kilometer Menemen - Aliağa - Çandarlı line - only that much - going on the 26-kilometer line.

Stating that the fees collected from the trucks are very high, I demand that this be reduced as soon as possible, I do not accept.

We do not know what the cost of the 2nd Ring Road, which I learned from a press channel yesterday, which has been spoken for a long time but none of them knew. As an Izmir deputy responsible for the Ministry of Transport and the Regional Directorate of Transport, I want this to be explained.

Faced with what we do not accept, all the obstacles of the Central Government, and the tenders made without the knowledge of the public, Izmir stands upright despite all the dynamics of the city and its 4,5 million intellectuals. It has always been the fortress of the republic, and will continue to do so from now on. (Source: egehaber)

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