Denizli People Loved the VIP Transportation Service to Çardak Airport

Denizli people loved the VIP transportation service to cardak airport
Denizli people loved the VIP transportation service to cardak airport

Denizli people loved the personalized VIP mobile transportation service of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which transports passengers between the city center and Çardak Airport.

In addition to the shuttle service carried out by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of facilitating transportation to Çardak Airport, making passenger transport capacity efficiently and increasing citizen satisfaction, the personalized transportation VIP service initiated by the citizens continues. With personalized service, citizens are picked up from their addresses and transported to Çardak Airport and from Çardak Airport to their addresses under safe, comfortable and hygienic conditions. The personalized transportation service, which is preferred by Denizli people very much, especially because of its affordable prices, is carried out by specially designed minibuses for 8 + 1 people.

Pandemic measures are implemented

It was stated that citizens who want to benefit from the personalized VIP transportation service of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality should make a reservation, and they can call 0 (258) 244 00 44 to get information about these special services and to make a reservation. It was stated that pandemic measures were applied with precision, and the vehicle fleet was cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Uninterrupted transportation with different vehicles

On the other hand, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues its passenger transportation between Çardak Airport and the city center with different types of vehicles that are modern, safe and comfortable. It was noted that the shuttle services continue to depart from the old library on Istiklal Street and Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bus Terminal, as usual.

Günceleme: 09/06/2021 05:25

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