First D-100 Junction Will Be Built In Kuruçeşme Tram Line

On the Kurucesme tram line, the d intersection will be built first
On the Kurucesme tram line, the d intersection will be built first

The partnership of Sigma Construction and Emre Ray, which received the Kuruçeşme Tram Line Project, started preparations for the construction of the Kuruçeşme D-100 intersection, which is planned to be built first for the construction of the tram line. For the construction of the tram line, the D-100 highway will be connected to the Kuruçeşme lights in parallel to the entrance road to the TEM toll booths.

Following the conclusion of the objections in the tender for the tram line to be extended to Kuruçeşme by the Metropolitan Municipality, Sigma Construction and Emre Ray companies continue the work as scheduled. The firm, which first drilled the overpasses to be built on the D-100 in the schools area and in front of Acıbadem Hospital, started the works for the D-100 junction. The company will start working on a 100-meter steel tramway bridge and line after first constructing the intersection and giving the D-332 traffic parallel to the road of TEM toll booths.


One of the most curious issues in the tram line project to be built in the Kuruçeşme region was overpasses. Within the scope of the project, the overpass in front of Izmit High School, which is frequently brought up with security problems, will be renewed first. Then a second overpass will be built in front of Acıbadem Hospital. The company, which won the tender, first drilled for overpasses and started to manufacture the overpasses.


The partnership between Emre Ray and Sigma İnşaat will change the traffic flow of D-100 before constructing the tram bridge that will enable the transition from D-100 to Kuruçeşme after drilling works. For this, by widening the road to TEM toll booths, D-100 Kuruçeşme will be connected to the old route again from the lights. A new transformer will be built and the existing transformer will be removed to remove the transformer that feeds TEM toll booths and is located on the connection road. A new administrative building will also be built in the region.


After the D-100 junction is completed, the company will start the construction of the bridge that will pass the tram from Plajyolu stop to Kuruçeşme. Along with the 332-meter steel bridge, there will be 812 stop on the 1-meter double line. With the completion of the Kuruçeşme tram line, the length of the tram line will reach a double line of 10 thousand 212 meters. With the 3-kilometer single-line warehouse area, the single line length of the tram will reach 23,4 kilometers. With the Kuruçeşme station, the number of stops will reach 16 and 6 transformer centers will serve with the new construction.

Source: Süriye Çatak Tek / ozgurkocaeli

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