Buses Called Yellow Lemon Meet with the people of Mersin

yellow lemons meet myrtle
yellow lemons meet myrtle

The first batch of environmentally friendly Yellow Lemons with CNG, which was purchased by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in order to strengthen the public transportation fleet and to enable citizens to travel quickly, economically and comfortably, came.

The Yellow Lemons, which Mersin Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer gave the good news of the April 2021 Assembly Meeting, saying “The first party is coming on April 22”, came to Mersin. 30 of them, the first batch of environmentally friendly natural gas buses, took their place in the public transport fleet to ease the transportation of the citizens of Mersin. Buses will soon begin to serve citizens.

Its tender was concluded in October 2020.

KARSAN was awarded the tender by submitting the most suitable offer within the scope of the purchases made by the Department of Transportation in July 2020 and concluded in October. KARSAN officials stated that the buses will be delivered to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality within 7 months at the latest. The first batch of buses reached Mersin within 6 months.

The number of buses to be taken has been increased to 87

Expressing at every opportunity that they will ease the traffic and transportation of Mersin, Mayor Seçer took the initiative regarding the bus purchases in question and increased the number of 73 buses to be purchased to 87. Stating that they bought the buses at a very affordable price in a program he participated in a while ago, Seçer gave the good news that the Yellow Lemons will arrive on April 22nd. President Seçer said, “We bought 73 CNG buses. We bought these under very favorable conditions. Before the tender was over, I used my own authority, I said 'we are entering the pandemic, let's stop' and canceled. We went out again a few months later. We bought it for a very affordable price. It is now 25%, 30%, maybe 40% more expensive. Prices soared. This shopping turned out to be profitable. We bought 10 bellows, 63 normal. I used my legal authority, we increased work by 20%. We increased the number of our buses to 12 standards with 75 articulated buses. A total of 87 buses are coming ”.



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