Prayers Banned in Mosques During Ramadan

Banned from performing tarawih prayers in mosques during Ramadan
Banned from performing tarawih prayers in mosques during Ramadan

While the coronavirus cases left 42 thousand behind, the release of tarawih prayers in the mosques in the mosques during Ramadan was controversial. Diyanet returned from that land and closed mosques to tarawih… So, does getting corona vaccine while fasting break the fast? Diyanet answered this question as well.

While some bans came back due to the increase in coronavirus cases, performing tarawih prayers in mosques in Ramadan was released. While this decision drew reaction, a last-minute statement came from Diyanet. President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş announced the final decision at the information meeting for the month of Ramadan in 2021, whose main theme is "Healing Month Ramadan".

Head of Religious Affairs Ali Erbaş said, "As a result of our consultations, we decided that it is appropriate to perform the tarawih prayer in our homes, not in mosques." Ali Erbaş said, "If, according to the course of the epidemic, we have the opportunity to perform tarawih prayers in our mosques in this process, we will take the decision and share it with our nation."

Does Coronavirus Vaccine Break The Fast?

President of Religious Affairs Erbaş also answered the question of whether getting a corona vaccine would break the fast or not. Ali Erbaş said, "As our High Council of Religious Affairs explained, it is okay to be vaccinated while fasting when necessary and this situation does not break the fast. used the expressions.

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