Atak Helicopter Added to the Inventory of the Turkish Police Service

Attack helicopter added to the inventory of the Turkish police force
Attack helicopter added to the inventory of the Turkish police force

The Turkish Police Department is fighting more effectively against crimes and criminals, especially terrorism, with the Atak helicopter included in its inventory.

The Turkish Police Department has reached an important stage in the fight against terrorism and crime by including the Atak helicopter in its inventory.

Providing peace and security in the skies of the homeland for 40 years with air vehicles, the General Directorate of Security Aviation Department changed its mission concept with the first Atak helicopter included in its inventory on February 25.

Police aviation teams had the power to attack directly with helicopters in hot clashes with terrorists with their attack class helicopter, which is not found in any police organization in the world.

At the same time, it was the first experience in terms of personnel using the Atak helicopter in the Police Aviation Department. Özge Karabulut, 28-year-old Deputy Pilot Commissioner, who was working within the Presidency, deserved to sit in the cockpit of the Atak helicopter by successfully completing the 9-week trainings.

Khan, attack Turkey's first woman to accomplish this feat went down in history as a helicopter pilot.

Deputy Pilot Commissioner Özge Karabulut said that she started her career as an assistant commissioner, and later became eligible to attend the trainings by succeeding in the piloting exam of the Department of Aviation. kazanhe said he did.

Stating that he successfully completed the adaptation training of Bell 429 and Atak helicopters after the pilot training, Karabulut said that he has been working in the Police Department for 2 years, the last 4 years being a pilot.

Noting that a police organization, for the first time in the world, added the attack helicopter to its inventory by changing its mission concept and training pilots in this field, Karabulut said, “I am proud to be an Atak pilot. Turkey's attack helicopter pilot being the first woman, I am proud to perform this task without further. " said.

Our Helicopter Grows Our Strength

Stating that the attack helicopter has a cockpit design called "tandem", "gunner" is seated in the front and the captain is seated in the back, Karabulut said, "We can detect and detect targets at long ranges with the day and night imaging system. In this sense, our helicopter adds strength to our strength in terms of mission concept. " said.

Karabulut said that the first thing they pay attention to while taking office is discipline, “It is a proud thing, it is exciting. We are on duty 7 hours a day, 24 days a week as the 'sky policemen' in order to ensure public security and protect the homeland, which is the main purpose of the Turkish Police Organization. In this sense, we always perform our duty as 'Atak' and ready. " used the expressions.

Karabulut stated that his family, who is worried about him from time to time, is happy for serving the country, adding that there is no discrimination between men and women in the Police Department and that they fulfill their assigned duties in a disciplined manner.

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