Antalya Tourism Agencies Open Season With TEMSA

Antalya started the tourism season with temsa
Antalya started the tourism season with temsa

TEMSA, speeding up its domestic deliveries, delivered a fleet of 85 vehicles to tourism agencies in Antalya for the new season. Companies entering the new season with TEMSA investments look hopeful for the 2021 tourism season with the acceleration of vaccination studies and the measures taken.

TEMSA, which has started an export attack abroad, continues to expand its vehicle park in the country. Antalya-based tourism companies entered the new season with TEMSA bus investments. With the sales of Antalya Oto, the new authorized dealer of TEMSA, 5 buses were delivered to 85 companies, namely Zemzem Turizm, Kıraç Turizm, Aksu Turizm, Şekerler Turizm and Sorkun Petrol.


TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan DoğancıoğluStating that they are happy to make deliveries to 5 companies in a two-day period, “We actually share the excitement of the sector members with these deliveries. TEMSA's relationship with customers, our business partners has also been warm during the pandemic process. We have a very good sales and service team in Antalya. Their contribution to this success is much greater. We wish the tourism season to go well in line with the expectations, ”he said.


TEMSA Deputy General Manager Hakan Koralp Stating that Antalya is the favorite of the tourism sector, “We had two very valuable days for us by making deliveries to Antalya's branded companies before the season. Antalya Oto has always strengthened our strength in the region and continues to do so. This job is a labor job. We always see the importance and gains of good communication with customers for sales on the bus side, ”he said.


Receiving a total of 55 vehicles from TEMSA Ayhan Yıldırım, Chairman of the Board of Zemzem TurizmStating that they have been operating in transportation for 20 years and that they have been trading with TEMSA for 13 years, he said, “There are no vehicles other than TEMSA brand in our fleet for almost 10 years. Our first contact with TEMSA was in 2008 and we have been carrying the flag of TEMSA ever since. Our preference for TEMSA products is determined by their low fuel consumption and high after-sales service quality. We are also very satisfied with the after sales service. We get the support we expect at the spare parts and maintenance point. We achieved a good momentum in the region at TEMSA Maraton, and we want to continue this momentum. Currently, there are 1200 TEMSA branded vehicles among 400 self-owned vehicles in our fleet. We are running about 2000 vehicles. We buy TEMSA vehicles every month. Today, we added 10 Marathons, 10 Sapphires and 35 more Prestige to our fleet, ”he said.


Stating that Zemzem Tourism is among the leading companies in Antalya TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu“Zemzem Turizm is TEMSA's oldest customer and even the first company to buy TEMSA products. It is very valuable for us that the biggest volume of sales was made during the period of TEMSA's restructuring. In this difficult period, despite the uncertainty in the tourism sector, the purchases made by the companies preparing for the season also show us the development that gives us very important hope. Antalya companies open their tourism season with TEMSA investments. We hope it will be a good tourist season. One out of every three branded buses TEMSA bus market in Turkey. We want to turn this into a TEMSA branded product for two out of every three vehicles in Antalya, ”he said.


With a ceremony held on Thursday, March 25, 3 Sapphires were delivered to Kıraç Tourism, one of the leading companies in Antalya. Tools; TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu, TEMSA Sales and Marketing Deputy General Manager Hakan Koralp, TEMSA Sales Director Baybars Dağ, TEMSA Bus Sales Manager İrfan Özsevim, TEMSA Regional Sales Manager Volkan Tolunay, Kıraç Tourism General Manager Havva Kıraç.


Expressing that they are very happy to deliver vehicles to Kıraç Tourism, which is among the oldest business partners of TEMSA, Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu said, “We have a successful cooperation for years. There is also a company that has passed down a generation from father to daughter. Being in Antalya and making deliveries nowadays is both exciting and happy. There are good signals for the tourist season. It shows this in investments. We hope that both the vaccination process will increase and the number of tourists will increase. Thus, we hope that it will be possible to recover the losses of the last year. “It gives us pleasure to see Safir Plus vehicles in Kıraç Tourism's park”.


Receiving 3 Safir Plus buses Kıraç Tourism General Manager Havva KıraçStating that they also placed an order for 10 units, he said, “We have 300 TEMSA in our fleet. Our order of 10 units may increase depending on the mobility in tourism. There are 300 TEMSA in our fleet. We are among the oldest business partners of TEMSA. My father and TEMSA have built this trust relationship very well for 30 years. "It is up to me to continue this."


TEMSA; 2 Sapphires and 1 Marathon were delivered to Aksu Turizm. Noting that they have been cooperating with TEMSA for many years Aksu Turizm Chairman of the Board of Directors, Şeref Karacan“Our trust in this brand is very solid. In addition, TEMSA is much more advantageous in terms of initial purchase cost. This year, we are adding Marathon vehicles to our fleet in addition to the Safir investment. I think the rising star of tourism will be Marathon ”. Stating that they have an investment plan of 10 vehicles this year, Aksu Turizm Chairman of the Board of Directors Şeref Karacan said, “10 out of 7 will be TEMSA. Currently, 2 Sapphires and 1 Marathon have joined our fleet. Other vehicles will take place in the fleet in May. Currently, there are 153 self-owned vehicles in our fleet. With the vehicles we received, the number of TEMSA in the fleet reached 17 ”.


TEMSA Sales Director Baybars DağStating that they have had business partnerships with Aksu Turizm for a long time, “Our cooperation has been going on for more than 20 years. Even in times of crisis, Aksu Turizm makes sure to invest 1-2 TEMSA investments. We have made a package deal now and delivered 3 of them today. We will deliver other vehicles until the start of the season. In addition to its investments in Safir, Aksu Turizm is also making Marathon investments this year. In Antalya, we think there will be an intense interest in Marathon vehicles in this process, ”he said.


Sorkun Petrol, serving within TURSE, made an investment in Safir. TEMSA Regional Sales Manager Volkan Tolunay delivered the vehicle to Emin Ünal, the owner of Sorkun Petrol.

TEMSA Regional Sales Manager Volkan TolunayEmphasizing that they have a long-standing cooperation with Emin Ünal, the owner of Sorkun Petrol, said, “In addition to our business partnership with Emin Ünal, we also have a very important friendship. We offer the tools suitable for his needs, and today we deliver 1 Sapphire. We deal with Sorkun Petrol every year. This year was limited to 1 due to the pandemic. I believe that we will deliver more buses again and grow our cooperation in the coming period. “Good luck with Yeni Safir,” he said.


Emin Ünal, owner of Sorkun Petrol, said, “We hope this tourism season will be fruitful and profitable for everyone. Our fleet, which consists entirely of TEMSA brand, has increased to 8 vehicles with the new vehicle we bought. This vehicle will serve within TURSE. We want to expand our fleet again with TEMSA in the upcoming period, ”he said.


TEMSA delivered 20 Prestige units to Şekerler Turizm, one of the leading companies in Antalya's tourism and personnel transportation.


Şeker Turizm Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Şeker stated that they invest in vehicles every year and continue to renew their fleets despite the pandemic and said, “Although the tourism sector has suffered enormous wounds during the pandemic process, we keep our fleet up to date with brands that will turn this period into our favor and at the right prices. Therefore, we have been carrying out particularly good works with TEMSA for the last 4-5 years. Our fleet will continue to grow in the new period. We have a meeting with TEMSA for a total of 50 vehicles this year. We have now added the first 20 to our fleet. TEMSA vehicles stand out in our preference in terms of operating costs and customer satisfaction. Fuel consumption in particular is very low, ”he said.


TEMSA Bus Sales Manager İrfan Özsevim, Stating that Şekerler Turizm has a history of 26 years, “TEMSA has a very large customer base in Antalya. These customers are truly branded companies that have made a difference in the region with their service structure and corporate identities just like Şekerler Turizm. Şekerler Turizm is a company open to innovation. It also makes us happy to be in business partnerships with companies that have this understanding. The secret of success here is not only to present a good product to the market, but also to protect that product during the after-sales process and to produce solutions that meet the needs and expectations of the customer. The fact that both sides have a winning system is an important factor in the continuation of the cooperation for years. Despite the pandemic process, it is not easy to direct customers to purchase vehicles. Companies are making new investments with hope, and we support them, ”he said.

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