Digital Display of April 23 at Marmaray Yenikapı Station

april digital display at marmaray yenikapi station
april digital display at marmaray yenikapi station

“23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day Digital Screening” was held at Marmaray Yenikapı Station. Presidential Communication Presidency of the display April 23, 1920, organized by the National Struggle process which culminated in the opening of Turkey's Grand National Assembly, rich photos and video footage is narrated to the accompaniment of visitors.

In the demonstration hosted by our institution; The meaningful story of April 23, the opening day of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, which is the manifestation of the national will, as a Children's Day is also included in the exhibition.


In the first hall of the screening, which consists of three halls, what happened on April 23, the concepts of national sovereignty, national will, parliament and child are explained with three-dimensional holographic pictures reflected on ghost tulle.

In the second hall, the opening of the parliament, its important decisions and the first MPs are introduced, visual materials compiled from television archives and newspaper clippings, nostalgic April 23 ceremonies and the heroic commanders of the War of Independence are displayed on the screen.

In the last hall, titles such as "The Road to April 23", what happened from the beginning of the War of Independence to the meeting of the parliament, the Liberation War Fronts, its heroes, Erzurum and Sivas Congresses, Amasya Circular are exhibited in a way that goes beyond the usual presentation style in classical exhibitions.

The digital exhibition, where the screenings are performed with three-dimensional hologram and video mapping technique, can be visited free of charge at Marmaray Yenikapı Station until May 18th.

In the exhibition, where necessary measures are taken against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, fever is measured at the entrances, ensuring that guests comply with mask, social distance and hygiene rules.

The digital display of the exhibition will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays.



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