YES Turkey to Give Direction to the Future Trend of Post-pandemic 5 Software

Software trend that will guide the future after the pandemic
Software trend that will guide the future after the pandemic

No 10 by Ten Fairs - November 13, 2021 at Istanbul Expo Center Future "here: Encoding" which will be held under the theme Software Industry and Industry Fair (YES Turkey), the reorientation 2021 and will include software trends will shape the future.

No, to be held for the first time in Turkey by Ten Fairs, technology that makes a difference in the world and has achieved global success will be Turkish companies together YES in Turkey Fair, along with emerging software trends begin in 2021 that will guide the future of software applications and solutions will be showcased.

World software YES trends in Turkey

Halil Ekiz, Chairman of the Board of No On Fuarcılık He pointed out that the demand for information technologies has increased by 77 percent due to digitalization and digital transformation, which are vital for both individuals, institutions and governments, which emerged with the pandemic process. Stating that this demand emerged in hardware, software and service services, which are the basis of information technologies, has brought new business models along with it, “We have accepted that our new normals will be with us for a while in 2020, after the year we spent with the pandemic. In particular, software trends have moved to a brand new stage in 2021. YES Turkey Trade within the scope of companies, will introduce visitors to these trends and solutions will be showcased for these trends, "he said.

5 trends to guide the software world

No. On Fairs Chairman Halil Ekiz, it caught a huge boost to digital conversion and said end users would enter our lives since 2021 of the great amenities that application to life, the software you 5 important trend will shape the world of YES will take place in Turkey Fair will be shared with visitors of solutions in this area transferred.

  • Blockchain integration: Blockchain still momentum across industries kazanyeast continues. The so-called digital ledger provides transparency. Incorporating blockchain into software processes will help prevent fraud and add enhanced security features during business transactions.
  • Cloud-centric software development: Thanks to the norm of remote work, cloud technology has improved greatly compared to last year. Cloud technologies, which are used extensively in various sectors, will take part in the software development process of software development more cloud-centered in the coming period, and all data will be stored in the cloud.
  • Cross-platform and hybrid development: This new trend will help reflect the revolution in software development next year. As the name suggests, it shows that the software will be developed in a hybrid manner, so that the coding process between mobile platforms will be a solution to the functionality and time to market problems.
  • Big data analysis in software development: Businesses and organizations in the sector foresight kazanIt uses big data to understand trends and future trends. With the inclusion of Hadoop and Apache Spark, the field of data analytics will be enhanced across software development. Big data analysis will strengthen the field of software development in the coming period.
  • Fintech's place in our lives will increase: The sector, which experienced the fastest digital transformation of the pandemic period, was experienced in the field of contactless payment and financial technologies due to online shopping. In the near future, we will witness both the development of blockchain technologies and the rapid increase in fintech investments and the physical disappearance of money from our lives.

The heart of the software industry November 10 13-2021 will be thrown in Istanbul between dates. To be organized by No On Fuarcılık at Istanbul Expo Center Software Industry and Industry Fair, Complete lack of a long-felt need in Turkey and signatories to the global success of our company in the software industry will be organized to bring together.

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