More Than 66 Thousand Citizens Reached With The Elderly Support Program

More than a thousand citizens were reached with the elderly support program
More than a thousand citizens were reached with the elderly support program

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services reached 65 people with the Elderly Support Program (YADES), which covers a wide range of applications such as protecting and supporting citizens over 66, home care and psychosocial support.

The Ministry, which works with the aim of enabling elderly citizens to continue their lives in health, peace and security in their environment and to lead an active, productive and dignified life in the society, also implements support programs for the care of the elderly at home and in institutions. One of the most important practices initiated by the Ministry for the home care of the elderly is the VEFA Project.

With the project, which was implemented as a pilot scheme in May 2019 in order to meet the needs of elderly citizens who do not have anybody and to create employment opportunities for economically disadvantaged women, 2 thousand people, most of whom are women, who receive social assistance or graduates from geriatrics departments, and who have certificates in elderly care, are covered was employed with minimum wage.

These people had the opportunity to earn economic income while meeting the household cleaning, food needs, market shopping, daily maintenance and other basic needs of the elderly citizens living alone. Turkey's more than 21 thousand popularized around the project reached senior citizen.

Disseminated Due to Kovid-19

The Vefa Project has been expanded for the elderly, disabled and those with chronic illnesses who cannot leave their homes during periods of curfews in the fight against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19).

People from different segments of the society such as police, gendarmerie officers, imams, teachers, Family Social Support Program (ASDEP) and Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation staff and volunteer youth were included in the Vefa Social Support Groups.

Over 32 Million Liras Was Transferred to Projects for the Elderly

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services also maintains YADES, which covers a wide range of applications such as protection, support, home care and psychosocial support for citizens over the age of 65.

The Ministry, which supports the projects of local administrations for the elderly within the scope of YADES, has transferred a total of 4 million 16 thousand 40 liras to 32 different projects in 846 provinces in the last 32 years. Support was provided to 66 thousand 726 elderly people with the program.

Old Age Pensions Increased

The Ministry, which has increased the monthly salary payments of the orphans and people in need of care and tens of thousands of people with disabilities, who are over 65 years old, this year, the amount of assistance to be paid per person in the elderly pensions for the first 2021 months of 6 is 763 liras, 40 percent and 69 disabled people's pensions are 609 lira. increased the pension of 70 percent and above disabled citizens to 914 liras.

Vaccination Process of More Than 87 Thousand People in Nursing Homes and Care Institutions Completed

On the other hand, the Ministry has been implementing strict measures such as mask, distance, hygiene, regular Kovid-19 tests and visit restrictions for more than a year in official and private nursing homes and disabled care institutions against Kovid-19.

Within the struggle against Kovid-19 in Turkey with staying in rest homes and nursing homes where staff vaccination process has been completed. Over 87 thousand people were vaccinated in institutions such as official and private rest homes, care centers for the disabled and protection homes affiliated to the Ministry.

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