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With the upcoming university exam and exam results, many students and parents were in a hurry to choose a university. While many students target important public universities such as Middle East Technical University, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul Technical University, they have difficulty in settling due to the rising scores of the schools. At this point, private universities come to the rescue of the students.

With the increasing number of private universities in the last ten years, many students have started to choose private universities. Private universities 2021 base pointssuccess rankings, prices, campus facilities become important parameters for students in choosing a university. For this reason, it is recommended that students use to have a platform that lists all universities and can compare them. The increasing number of universities also complicates decision-making processes. In addition to comparing the success rankings of university departments, the last 5 years of base scores of universities are available. Most in demand law base scores, nursing base scores It can present the situations in such departments live over the last year's data.

As I list of all the private schools in Turkey also lists all private universities. Thousands of private education institutions, especially Istanbul private universities WhereRead.comhas been presented to the attention of families and students. You can contact universities by visiting in order to reach the right decision about private university preferences.

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