Ukraine Receives T-64 and T-72 Tanks Modernized with ASELSAN Radios

ukraine receives t and t tanks modernized with aselsan radios
ukraine receives t and t tanks modernized with aselsan radios

Lviv Armored Factory has delivered the modernized T-64 and T-72 Main Battle Tanks (AMT) to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

The Ukroboronprom company said in a statement that the tanks are equipped with the latest communication systems, fire control, day and night vision reversing camera, smoke grenade systems and reactive armored protection against bullets. Since the beginning of 2021, more than 10 T-64 and T-72 tanks have been modernized by the Ukrainian State enterprise.

It is also reported that new digital radio stations supplied from ASELSAN have been integrated into the modernized main battle tanks. The communication solutions offered by ASELSAN are designed to provide efficient communication between the armored units and infantry units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Ukrainian Armed Forces calls this modification of armored units "network centric".

Radio systems of the VHF product range of the company “ASELSAN” in the comparative tests of the Armed Forces at the tender opened in Ukraine in the summer of 2017 kazanmoment company. A series of cooperation agreements were signed between Ukraine and the leadership of ASELSAN, both for joint production and for technology transfer.

"The Lviv Armored Factory continues to fulfill orders on time and increases the combat capability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces," said Yuriy Gusev, CEO of Ukroboronprom. found in the description. According to the company, the order was executed ahead of schedule, despite limited funding, due to the lack of state defense orders this year.

The Lviv Armored Factory provides for the repair and production of army equipment, including armored fire engines GPM-72 and GPM-54. In addition, the armored repair and evacuation vehicles Lev and Zubr and tactical armored wheeled vehicle Dozor-B are also modernized at the factory.

Ukraine to modernize Pakistan's T-80UD tanks

UkrOboronProm, the roof management company of defense industry companies operating in Ukraine, announced that the Pakistan Armed Forces' T-80UD main battle tanks had been signed with a $ 85.6 million support contract. Ukroboronprom CEO Yuri Gusev said, “Our armored vehicle manufacturing companies are constantly updating their production capacities and developing technologies that guarantee high quality work and products. We had a new meeting with Pakistan for the supply of 6TD1 and 6TD2 engines. " He made statements in the form.

Source: defenceturk

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