Turkey's Tropical Fruit is running to Export 7 Million Dollars

Turkey's Tropical Fruit is running to Export 7 Million Dollars
Turkey's Tropical Fruit is running to Export 7 Million Dollars

Turkey in 2020, 57 countries and 6 million 461 thousand dollars of exports of tropical fruits. Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters Union Chairman Hayrettin aircraft, the general said that Turkey increased by 3 percent over the last three years, exports of tropical fruits.

“The way to branding as a country in agriculture and food is to produce value-added products and to produce what the world demands. Turkey, the importing country in the tropical fruit came to currently 57 different countries and regions exporting country. Turkey exports of tropical fruits in general for $ 2018 million 4 thousand in 690, 2019, 5 million 110 thousand dollars in 2020 reached 6 million 461 thousand dollars. We are gradually expanding our value-added chain by increasing the variety of tropical fruits grown and exported in our country. We started this journey with kiwi and avocado and expanded our product range in tropical fruit by adding products such as dragon fruit, passion fruit, carambola, papaya, mangost, guava pear, mango, pineapple, coconut, blueberry, kumquat. Turkey, climate, soil, biodiversity, planned by geographic location, program and as good as traditional products, adhering to farming practices will have access to more markets in the new alternative products, is well positioned to carry exports to a higher level. "

Uç emphasized the importance of establishing Specialized Organized Industrial Zones based on Agriculture in increasing product diversity and producing value-added products such as tropical fruits, Uçak continued his words as follows:

"With the introduction of Agro Specialized OSB, Turkey will bring our overall agricultural exports to $ 30 billion. Turkey has an awareness in Europe of fresh fruits and vegetables. We aim to further increase our exports to the EU, the largest consumer market of tropical fruit. Kiwi constitutes the majority of our tropical fruit exports, amounting to approximately $ 4 million. Compared to 2019, our kiwi exports increased by 2020 percent in 28 and reached 4 million 123 thousand dollars. In the second most exported product, avocado, our exports increased by 2019 percent in 2020 compared to 22 and amounted to 1 million 489 thousand dollars. It is our third most exported product in dollars. Russia with 518 million 1 thousand dollars, Lebanon with 271 thousand dollars, and Romania with 863 thousand dollars are among the top three countries to which we export tropical fruits. Libya with 463 thousand dollars, Ukraine with 418 thousand dollars, Dubai with 374 thousand dollars, Spain with 287 thousand dollars, Uzbekistan with 226 thousand dollars, Bulgaria with 229 thousand dollars and Germany with 192 thousand dollars are among the top 183 countries in our exports.

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