Turkey will be established in Bursa, the first Dark Sky Park

The first dark sky park will be installed turkiyenin bursadan
The first dark sky park will be installed turkiyenin bursadan

International Dark Sky Association started working for the membership of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey will set Bursa's first Dark Sky Park. In the Dark Sky Park, which has only 92 different examples in the world, Milky Way observation activities, educational activities and sports activities will be held.

While factors such as developing technology, population growth and consumption increase the share of outdoor lighting in electricity consumption day by day, light pollution has also come to the fore as an important environmental problem in recent years. elucidation of unused space, making extra lighting used in space while increasing energy costs all over the world, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa Amateur Astronomy Association and Turkey Healthy Cities Association in cooperation with the light pollution measurements in Bursa for the first time in Turkey was made. The light pollution map was created as a result of light pollution measurements made at 90 different points where 1021 percent of the city population lives. On the map, green colors stand out as the places where the intensity of light pollution is highest, and blue colors are the points where the intensity of light pollution starts to decrease.

In the Light Pollution Research Project Final Report; With the US Air Force Defense Meteorology Satellite Program, which was updated in 2016, scientific data obtained using night images of the earth from space were also included. According to this data, 97,8 percent of Turkey live under the light pollution of the population and 49,9 percent of the population does not see any of the Milky Way.

Dark Sky Park

On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, which started studies to determine the effects that cause light pollution and to take the pollution forward, on the other hand, according to the Light Pollution Map, it started to work to bring the Dark Sky Park to the region with the least pollution in Bursa. according to the standards set by the International Dark Sky Association it is intended to bring in Bursa, Turkey's first Dark Sky Park. The Dark Sky Park project, which has only 92 examples in the world, is aimed to be brought to Başalan Plateau in İnegöl district, which is least affected by light pollution. With the Dark Sky Park, a thematic observation park will be established to diversify tourism and to work on adventure tourism. Within the scope of the project, which is envisaged to be implemented by preserving the natural texture of Başalan Plateau, the park will be open to public access and various sky observation activities, training activities and sports activities will be held in this park.

Approval from the parliament

Meanwhile, Turkey's first Dark Sky Park to the steps taken for the gain of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality council meeting of the month of March came to the fore in the second session. It was unanimously accepted by the parliament to start studies for Bursa's membership to the International Dark Sky Union. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they attach great importance to environmental investments today, when climate change and global warming have become a global problem. Stating that light pollution is also an important environmental problem, President Aktaş said, “The most talked about recently is water saving and energy saving. "This project, in which we aim to raise awareness about light pollution, will also bring diversity to our city in terms of tourism."



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