Turkey's Largest Moon Journey to the Target Support to Exit 3D Printer

the biggest support from other printers will hit the target turkiyenin month journey
the biggest support from other printers will hit the target turkiyenin month journey

Local and national 3D printer manufacturer Zaxe General Manager Emre Akinci, Turkey said it would be the biggest supporter of 2023D printers in the National Space Program plans to reach the moon until 3. Explaining that 3D printers used to produce critical parts of rockets, Akıncı said, “Now the required rocket and station spare parts are manufactured in space with the 3D printer. The construction of buildings for the lunar and Martian surface is being tested with a 3D printer. "Astronauts' food is also 3D printed," he said. Akinci, Turkey's indigenous aerospace engineers as Zax said they would be happy to take part in the study.

The announcement of Turkey's National Space Program in 2023 until the moon is planning to establish contact while a great interest in both the country and abroad, on the basis of the study's space is 3D printers. The efforts of NASA, the American Department of Space and Aviation, to send the first manned rocket to the Moon on the instructions of President John F. Kennedy after Russia launched the first rocket into space, resulted in a technological revolution in the 1960s. Many products, from internet to television, orthopedic mattress to dry food, even scratch-proof teflon, which have become integral parts of our lives today, were found by chance during this space race. Later, it entered the service of the economy. In the intervening 60 years, the space program is re-accelerating Turkey's journey, including the Moon and Mars adventure with behind that SpaceX's Elon Musk in the US The 3D printer technology.

3D Printer Is Not Just For Education And Hobby Purposes

Turkey's produced by domestic and national capital, to Turkey Zax using the 3D printer software engineers will play a key role in this work. Zax General Manager Emre Akinci, Turkey's moon theme project today, however, that the US and China on the basis of ideas to establish colonies on Mars with Moon 3D printers of the company, he said. Akıncı stated that “3D technology not only transforms the designs of the students at the point of production or training in the industry, but also has become a product that sets the boundaries in space racing,” Akıncı gave the following information:

“Space studies has always been the area where the highest technology is used, and then these ideas are included in the economy, and the ecosystem is enlarged. Space at work in today's Turkey, 'I have strongly from native 3D printer that together with Zaxe also emerges once more importance. Currently, our products are used in hundreds of industrial establishments. Again, in more than 600 primary, secondary and high schools and universities, students receive education with our 3D printer. At the same time, parents who see the contribution of the 3D printer to the creativity of the person buy a 3D printer for their children, while our printers continue their activities for the production of spare parts for both cars, motorcycles and home appliances at home. It was not possible to not use 3D printers, which have been used in such a wide range of uses, in the space race.

Printing Objects in Space

Explaining that the use of 3D printers in the field of space dates back to 2014, Emre Akıncı said, “In this date, an object was produced with a 3D printer for the first time at the International Space Station. This was as important as Neil Armstrong landing on the Moon. Because a revolution was achieved by making a production with a 3D printer for the first time in the station in space. Also in the same year, NASA printed a socket wrench with a 3D printer on the space station. Then, companies and institutions such as SpaceX and NASA designed buildings and stations on Mars and the Moon using 3D printers to turn this place into habitable spaces. For this purpose, the usage area of ​​3D printers has expanded ”.

China Launches Trials

Until 2014, the critical plastic, metal and rubber parts of rockets that take people and materials to space with 3D printers, which have a sensitivity of one thousandth of a millimeter, were printed with 3D printers, but the work on the use of 3D printers on the Moon and Mars, which will be visited outside the Earth's surface, has accelerated. kazanAkıncı said, “This once again revealed the importance of our industry.” Emre Akıncı, explaining that he recently conducted a 2020D printer exercise for the base that China plans to establish in space in May 3, said, “China announced that it has tried a 3D printer that will build buildings to be built on the surface of the Moon or Mars in its vehicle, which spent 3 days in space last year. The center of the new base that it will establish in space next year is also desired to be made by China with a 3D printer. For this purpose, they experienced production from different materials using 3D printers in space.”

Parts Will Be Produced In Orbit

Akıncı stated that NASA recently signed an agreement with a company called Made in Space for $ 73 million called 'On-Orbit Production and Monta'. “A satellite that can print its own part with a 3D printer is being designed in space. At this point, with the development of technology, it will be possible to print space stations and rockets with 3D printers in Earth orbit in the future, ”he said.

Astronauts' Food Is From Us

Explaining that 3D printers are not only used for construction activities in space studies, Zaxe General Manager Emre Akıncı said, “In 2019, meat was produced in space to feed astronauts using cow cells. This was a revolution in the use of 3D printing for nutrition in space. In the coming time, this technology is expected to serve humanity more. The work of Israeli companies in this direction has accelerated. kazanin a miserable state. With the rise of success, the effectiveness of 3D printers will increase at the same rate. As Zaxe, we will be very happy to take part in Turkey's National Space Program and to fulfill all our duties in this goal.”

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