Shipping in Turkey Shared Tools to Reduce Carbon Emissions Period

Shares in shipping turkiyede donemi tool to reduce carbon emissions
Shares in shipping turkiyede donemi tool to reduce carbon emissions

Turkey, carbon emissions until 2030, aims to reduce up to 40%. Sectors that have a share in carbon emissions are also taking action.

The sharing economy, which is based on opening an owned resource to the use of those who need it, is expanding its area of ​​influence more and more with the spread of the internet. office use in Turkey, in areas such as accommodation and transport is often preferred from this revenue model, it is now being exploited in the transportation sector to reduce carbon emotions. WWF-Turkey and Sabanci University's Istanbul Policy prepared with the collaboration of "Low Carbon Development Paths and Priorities for Turkey," according to the report, Turkey carbon emissions in 2030, 40% according to the scenario with high growth forecasts, while according to scenarios based on realistic growth forecast to decrease by 23% aims. In this context, Octovan, the domestic online shipping platform that has taken action, offers users the option of shared vehicles. In this way, the platform contributes to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption, which increases carbon emissions, by combining the demands for goods to be transported on a common date.

The transport sector must fulfill its responsibility to nature

Making a statement on the subject, Octovan co-founder Erhan Güneş said, “The transportation sector, in which fuels such as oil, diesel and gas are used, has a large share in the carbon emission, which is one of the main responsible of the climate crisis. As a matter of fact, studies show that 40% of carbon emissions are caused by vehicles in traffic. As Octovan, we believe that the transportation industry must fulfill its responsibilities towards nature. In this context, with the shared vehicle options we offer in transportation processes, we ensure that 5 items can be transported at one time and the items are delivered within 7 days. Thus, we aim to do our part on behalf of the sustainable world and to set an example for the sector with models such as the shared economy suitable for the needs of the age ”.

It is possible to organize a team with one click to move

Sharing the details of the model they developed by transferring the transportation processes to the digital platform, Erhan Güneş said, “As Octovan, we bring together people in need of relocation and reliable transporters with a single click without the need for long searches and negotiations. In order to bring the quality of service to the best point, we check the necessary documents and references of the transportation teams by meeting face to face and provide special trainings. With the user scoring system, we determine the best teams and direct requests to highly rated and referenced teams. With the calculation tool we call Taşınmatik, we learn the average transportation cost of the users and avoid any surprises. Unless there is an additional or erroneous request, we start the transportation process by sticking to the price received from the system during the reservation. It offers the opportunity to pay by credit card, and we undertake the responsibility for any damages that may occur during the move ”.

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