Turkish Nuclear Energy Investments and Thorium Reserve Uranium Mine Potential in Çanakkale

nuclear power investments and thorium reserves potential uranium mine in the Dardanelles in Turkey
nuclear power investments and thorium reserves potential uranium mine in the Dardanelles in Turkey

Our country has been making strides with Nuclear Energy investments in recent years. The studies that started in the 1950s and 60s are now aimed at achieving a final result with the project investments made by the State.

As stated in our previous articles, these investments, which should be realized for 50,60 years, unfortunately, the industrial moves after the founder of our Republic, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, were not continued, the feasibility studies and project investment process related to the impact of political and economic instabilities and military coups were interrupted.

Studies on nuclear power plant in Turkey In 1977, a 300-400 MW reactor was planned, and the project was (or could not) be realized. In 1971, the first attempts for the Nuclear Power Plant in Mersin & Akkuyu region were made 50 years ago.

In this article, based on the studies of MTA (Mineral Investigation and Exploration) General Directorate and Distinguished Academicians, we also include the grade (ratio, percentage) and reserve (operable ore mass; in tons) information about the Uranium mine, the raw material of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, and the Republic of Turkey. In this article, nuclear investments in our ancient lands, uranium mine potential and thorium mine, which is more valuable than uranium, will be discussed in detail and examined in sub-topics. You will be presented with detailed and understandable information.

Desiring to impose an economic embargo on Turkey by the imperialist USA, isolating it politically, following the Uranium Enrichment Activities in Iran, assassinating even Nuclear Physicist Muhsin Fahrizade by the intelligence services of Israel and the USA, MOSSAD and the CIA. It is the drunkenness of being the founder and part of dirty and dangerous games. The Supreme and Noble Turkish State will always be on the alert and will always be the guardian of the projects that will ensure Full Independence, without giving in to threats.

Nuclear Power Plants

Although there are increasing number of Thermal Power Plants, Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plants and Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, Biomass, BioGas, Geothermal Power Plants) projects in our country in recent years, the number of nuclear fuel used/to be used as nuclear fuel. Uranium Mine they cannot provide energy efficiency. While the annual need of a 250MW Nuclear Power Plant is met with 1000 Tons of Uranium, 2 million tons of annual coal is needed for the Çanakkale&Çan Thermal Power Plant 160×1.8 MW. It is possible to find the energy difference between uranium and coal with a simple mathematical calculation.

Currently, there are 3 investment projects in total, namely Mersin & Akkuyu, Kırklareli & İğneada and Sinop Nuclear Power Plants. Russian partnership in Akkuyu, Chinese partnership in İğneada and Japanese partnership in Sinop respectively.

Akkuyu NPP Project is being constructed by Russian State Corporation ROSATAM with 1200 reactors of 4 MW with a total installed power of 4800 MW and project cost of 20 billion USD. Activities related to the legislation of the Republic of Turkey and the recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are carried out.

Nuclear Power Plants

With Nuclear Energy investments, Turkey's energy import (import) dependency ratio will be reduced and the ''energy-based current account deficit'' will be tried to be closed. We would also like to inform you that; The reason why Thermal and Nuclear power plants are built especially in coastal locations is the desire to supply the cooling water from the sea with the "Deep Sea Discharge Line" following the meteorological (atmospheric events) and oceanographic (marine science) investigations.

Uranium Mineral Deposits in Our Region

Uranium (U), which is a radioactive element, is not found in free form in nature and forms uranium minerals with various elements. Tectonic movements (activities of the earth's crust) have an important effect on the formation of the uranium mine, and uranium minerals are deposited in various rocks in the earth's crust. Uranium ore passes through many stages from being found in nature to being used as a fuel in the reactor;

  • Ore exploration, exploitation of the deposit, ore extraction
  • Yellow cake production, yellow cake treatment (ADU production)
  • Calcination and reduction to UO2
  • Conversion of UO2 to UF4
  • UF4 made from UF6

The sub-map was taken from an article published in a magazine in 1978, and the black circles, which are stated as full in the legend, also show uranium resources and it is stated that there are related deposits in Çanakkale Ayvacık region.

Nuclear energy

Turkey's Major Uranium Deposits (MTA, 2014) are given in the table below and 250 Ton reserves have been identified in the Arıklı and Nusratlı villages of Ayvacık and the related nearby region. If uranium is calculated over 100 to 150 USD/Kg, there is a reserve of 25-40 Million Dollars.

Nuclear energy

Due to the fact that uranium cannot be bought and sold easily like other mines, it is subject to very strict rules on its transportation, and it is subject to some agreements and international supervision between countries, countries that establish nuclear power plants or countries that will establish them aim to invest in investment projects using their own uranium reserves.

While the World Uranium Reserves were between 1978-20 USD/Kg in 30, the prices have increased due to its use as the main nuclear weapon industry and energy raw material, which has led to the execution of activities related to many research, drilling operations and facility installations. Although 250 Tons of Uranium meets the annual need of a 1000 MW Nuclear Power Plant, it is not economical for the establishment of a uranium enrichment facility in the relevant region, but seems suitable only for investments related to the extraction and shipment of the mine. The fact that the relevant area is in the tourism region requires a meticulous ecosystem-based study due to the fauna and flora of Kaz Mountains.

Nuclear energy
Nuclear energy

As stated in the 2007/1 scale Geological Map of the region published by MTA in 100000, there are phosphate nodules in the tuff formations in the region, and it has been understood that phosphate mineralization is associated with uranium with the drillings made. Following this, natural radiation sources were determined in various places in Ayvacık and Küçükkuyu locations, necessary measurements were made, and even the radioactivity measurement values ​​in the tuff rocks were examined and reported.

Alpha and Beta values ​​in the air and drinking water, as well as radiation dose velocity measurements in various villages.

Thorium Reserve in Our Country

Thorium is a radioactive element like uranium and is not found in free form in nature. In order for thorium to be used as nuclear fuel, it must be prepared after major chemical processes. High-tech (engineering) studies continue for the use of thorium, and China, America and India are doing great research on this element.

As it can be seen from the table below and Turkey percent, with 6% of the world's thorium reserves. It competes with the USA in terms of reserve capacity, but it has surpassed China.

Nuclear energy

It is argued that the energy to be obtained from Thorium will be many times more than the energy to be obtained from Uranium, and that the technology of the future is in this element and Boğaziçi University Faculty Member Prof. In the words of Metin Arık, it is stated that an accelerator-based energy generation technology will come to the fore, thorium will be an important actor in this technology, and the same technology to obtain energy from thorium is used in the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN).

High Energy Nuclear Physics for Fiziği'nev Turkish Accelerator Center (TMH) Project for the action taken and Turkey Atomic Energy Agency for the growth of young minds (TAEK) activities are carried out by.

Our Science Martyr Prof.Dr. Engin Arıkan Lady 'New Generation Nuclear Reactor, and Proton Accelerator Technology in the interview that basis,' 'If we have the capability to produce electrical energy with thorium, these trillions of barrels will be a source of energy in oil equivalent.' 'Saying Turkey's global he argued that he had an opportunity to become an actor.

In this article, we commemorate our Martyrs Engin Arık, Şenel Fatma Boydağ, Özgen Berkel Doğan, Mustafa Fidan, Engin Abat and İskender Hikmet in the "Isparta Plane Crash" incident, which we think was sabotage, which is one of our brains who protect the interests of the state and the nation and produce projects.

Country and Canakkale available by taking some of the regions and by addressing the future of nuclear energy technology carries the beautiful and the belief that we gave meticulous details first at an angle unbiased our valued readers and each investment made in Turkey, should follow with a developmental sequence that past into the future and our freewill We also share with you the recommendation that we should analyze it thoroughly. On this occasion, we present our respects.

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