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turkey graphene series came to one of the countries capable of manufacturing location
turkey graphene series came to one of the countries capable of manufacturing location

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, İvedik which opened in OSB Graf Series Production Facility by stating that Turkey graphene series can produce 10 one country to come, "environmentally friendly, will produce low-cost and industrial scale plant, the world's largest graphene production with capacity will be from their centers. " said.

Minister Varank attended the opening ceremony of Nanography Company Graphene Mass Production Facility in İvedik Organized Industrial Zone (OSB). Turkey with an investment of this series can produce graphene become one of the 10 countries that attracted the attention Varank, he said in a speech outlining:

Graphene is 200 times stronger than steel, hundreds of times more conductive than copper, as well as flexible and light. It can be used in many different industrial areas with its strength, flexibility, thermal and electrical conductivity. It is shown as one of the most critical components of nano technology as a 2-dimensional nano material with a thickness of one atom.

Thanks to graphene, longer-lasting materials, ultra-fast rechargeable batteries, faster and lighter aircraft, and bionic devices that can connect to neurons in the body will be produced. Bioelectronic medical technologies that provide real-time treatment by reading and changing body electricity will be developed. Corrosion, heating and transmission problems can also be solved. This material is not easy to manufacture.

The "2020 Graphene Research Report" published by the Graphene Council, the world's most comprehensive collaboration platform in the field of graphene, takes a wide picture of the industry. According to the report, the main problems faced by the graphene industry are cost, mass production capability, standard and certification problems. In addition, establishing an environmentally friendly model, having proper production and cost management are major challenges to be overcome. Because of these difficulties, graphene is one of the products with the most R&D investments in the world. Our nanography company realized the mass production of this extraordinary material both with an original method and in accordance with the standards.

With the opening of our investment from 10 countries are coming to one location Turkey can produce graphene series. This facility, which will produce environmentally friendly methods at low cost and at an industrial scale, will be one of the largest graphene production centers in the world with its capacity. Our nanography company is not dependent on abroad in terms of production devices and production technology in this facility. The fact that we can produce graphene with our own resources, without being dependent on a production license of a foreign company, is extremely proud on behalf of our country.

The competence that our company has acquired through R&D studies and investments has exceeded the borders of our country. It has turned into collaborations with the world's best universities and research centers, supply contracts with global companies and exports. So much so that this facility already exports its graphene-supported industrial products to more than 80 countries.

This facility was designed within the scope of KOSGEB's Techno-investment program in 2018. As a good example of public-private sector solidarity, this facility, which we provided support of approximately 4 and a half million liras through KOSGEB as the ministry, was successfully completed and started operations at the end of 2020. The facility, which will also support R&D studies in the field of advanced material technologies, especially graphene, will lead to the production of competitive products.

Thanks to the graphene produced, high-quality coating products are also developed by Nanografi. Competence in advanced material technologies also enables the localization of products that our country needs. The defense industry not only contributes to automotive and aerospace projects, but also develops graphene-supported applications on demand. So much so that we are witnessing the commercialization of the developed products and the receipt of the first orders.

In the coming period, we expect graphene to be used in many more areas and to become more commercialized. As usage increases, product standard activities and licensing of graphene producers will become more important. We will continue to be with you, our entrepreneurs, with the support mechanisms we implement both in the R&D phase and in the commercialization phase.

Nanograf Chairman Ahmet bending strength of graphene mass production facility in Turkey's first, he is said to be the largest volume of investment in nanotechnology. Stressing that annual graphene production will exceed 100 tons with this investment, Ahlatçı said, “The production line we have established has a user-friendly model with standard quality, where the difficulties of graphene production worldwide are solved. We designed it in a way that can be accessed quickly for much larger volumes if needed. " said.

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