New World Record in 5G from Türk Telekom

New World Record for GDE from Turk Telekom
New World Record for GDE from Turk Telekom

The leader of Turkey's Turk Telekom digital transformation, experimenting new technologies, with the goal of becoming a producing and exporting countries in their work continues unabated. Türk Telekom broke the world record by reaching speeds above 5 Gbps in the test it carried out with Nokia on the 4.5G test network.

Strong fiber infrastructure with Turk Telekom 5g'y the most ready operator in Turkey, the Nokia cooperation in the experiment carried out on 5G test network is 4.5 Gbps, reaching higher speeds has signed a new world record in this area. Thus, Turk Telekom, 5G connection speed spectrum, which carries the highest level 'millimeter wave' technology to merge with 5G New Radio Bearer, 8 carrier (8CC) was attempting operator-powered smart phones for the first time in Turkey.

"Turkey is ready 5g'y the largest operator Turk Telekom is taking a leading role in developing next-generation technologies"

Türk Telekom Technology Deputy General Manager Yusuf Kıraç said, “With the trial we performed using only the Millimeter Wave spectrum over the 5G test network, we reached speeds above 4.5 Gbps and broke a world record. Thanks to this technology, which provides many benefits for users and operators, we have achieved the high speed and large capacity targets promised by 5G. These technologies also act as a bridge to mature and pave the way for 'Terahertz' systems, which provide ultra-high speed and capacity, which are planned to be used in 6G. Strong 5g'y our fiber infrastructure as the most ready operator in Turkey, we are pleased to finalize an important experience rekorla more about this technology. "We will continue to lead the development of all new generation technologies in our country in the future, as we do today."

Nokia Turkey Country General Manager Özgür Erzincan, "For more than 30 years with Turk Telekom on our ongoing partnership today, not only for Turkey, we have taken another important milestone by signing for the global telecom industry. This record with Nokia's commercial 5G network equipment is testament to Nokia's leadership in 5G and innovation ”.

Türk Telekom reached the highest 5G speed over a single phone with 8 carriers with a bandwidth of 100MHz using 5G technology, using 3G technology, in an experiment conducted in collaboration with Nokia at the Innovation Center in Ankara Headquarters Building. In the trial, speeds over 8 Gbps were achieved with a 55G smartphone equipped with 5 carrier-supported QC SDX5 4.5G mmWave module, which is compatible with 5GPP Standards. Türk Telekom broke the world record at 3.5 GHz, which was previously called the mid-band spectrum of 5G, this time using only the 26 GHz millimeter wave spectrum of XNUMXG, it broke the world record in this area.

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