In-Forest Surveillance Radar Concept for Turkish UAVs

Forester surveillance radar concept for Turkish contracts
Forester surveillance radar concept for Turkish contracts

Defense Technologies Days'21, organized by Istanbul Technical University Defense Technologies Club (ITU SAVTEK), attended by the Defense Industry Presidency (SSB) and Turkish defense industry companies, is organized. Ahmet AKYOL, Head of the SSB Electronic Warfare and Radar Systems Department, made a presentation on the developments in electronic warfare and radar systems in the Turkish defense industry.

Personnel and shelter detection radar in the forest area

During his presentation, "We see the radar shown in the picture (Figure 1) on an unmanned aerial vehicle. Do we have a study for the integration of a similar radar and unmanned aerial vehicle system?" Answering the question, President Akyol:

“We have already taken the land version of our radar, which we call FOPRAD (In-Forest Surveillance Radar), which can view under vegetation, in the inventory, and we have started studies to use this capability from our UAVs. The coming period FOPRAD concept under vegetation via UAV To the Turkish Armed Forces kazanWe are thinking of climbing. associated with it We started the work. The use of radars in the UAV concept is also a significant power factor it will be. Airborne Early Warning Control Aircraft We have a concept that we use, even these concepts can be used with UAVs in the upcoming period We are discussing the issue with our friends, we are working on it with the Turkish Armed Forces, and this is one of them. " gave expressions.

FOPRAD Forest Surveillance Radar

FOPRAD is a long range in-forest surveillance radar designed and produced by ASELSAN in order to detect moving targets in an area where there is no line of sight due to vegetation.

Thanks to its foldable and hollow antenna structure, it is easily portable and calculates targets' range, horizontal angle with respect to north, speed, direction of movement and position with high accuracy. FOPRAD, which has a very low failure rate due to the fact that it does not contain any moving parts, can instantly detect and track targets in a very wide area.

Source: defenceturk

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