Tukas Place Receives Metro 10x20x30 Venture With Turkey

Tukas took place in the subway turkey initiatives xx
Tukas took place in the subway turkey initiatives xx

Over 55 years of time is Tukas is indispensable to the house with the flavor and quality, the World Resources Institute (World Resources Institute -WR the) initiated by the "10x20x30" joined the initiative Subway Turkey was one of the 20 volunteers suppliers.

The aim of the “17x10x20” initiative, which was initiated to support the '' reduction of food waste '', one of the 30-item sustainable development goals of the United Nations, is to reduce food waste by 2030% by 50 by participating companies. The initiative, which is completely voluntary, aims to minimize the rapidly increasing food waste in each link in the supply chain.

'' Nature has always been the '' with the motto of bringing to the table the awareness of quality food to leave a cleaner world for future generations Tukas its support of this project was launched under the leadership of Metro Turkey reveals the sensitivity of this issue.

A long-term contracted agriculture, adopting sustainable agricultural policies, systematically reducing packaging waste, regularly separating production waste for recycling, and returning the water spent in production processes to the ecosystem with a treatment plant. kazandıran Tukaş proves its environmental awareness once again with the “10x20x30” initiative, which it voluntarily participated in.

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