Tianwen-1 Sent New Photos Showing Mars' Landforms

tianwen posted new photos showing marsin landforms
tianwen posted new photos showing marsin landforms

The National Space Agency of China (CNSA) has released high-resolution images sent by the Mars probe Tianwen-1.

In the statement made by the CNSA, it was reported that Tianwen-1 sent two black-and-white images and one color image. According to the statement, the black-and-white images were captured by the high-resolution camera at Tianwen-1 from a distance of 330 to 350 kilometers from the Martian surface.

The landforms of Mars, such as small craters, mountain ridges and sand dunes, can be clearly seen in the images. In addition, the diameter of the largest impact crater is estimated to be around 620 meters.

On the other hand, CNSA's statement noted that the color image was taken by the medium-resolution camera in Tianwen-1 and that the red planet belongs to the Arctic region. The Tianwen-1 spacecraft, which was conducting China's Mars reconnaissance mission, was launched on July 23, 2020 and started its scientific research on the red planet on February 26.


Source: China International Radio

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