General Directorate of Foundations to Recruit 81 Contracted Personnel

the general directorate of foundations will make continuous labor purchases
general directorate of foundations

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Foundations, in accordance with the clause (B) of Article 1 of the Civil Servants Law No. 657, in the units affiliated to the Istanbul 4st Regional Directorate of Foundations, entered into force with the Decree of the Council of Ministers dated 06.06.1978 and numbered 7/15754. A total of 81 contracted personnel will be recruited in the "Protection and Security Officer" position within the scope of the "Principles Regarding Employment of Contracted Personnel".

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the general directorate of the foundations will make contracted personnel recruitment


1) To meet the general conditions specified in Article 657 of Law No. 48,

2) To have a score of 2020 or more from the KPSSP3 for undergraduate graduates and KPSSP93 for associate degree graduates from the Public Personnel Selection Exam held by ÖSYM in 70.

3) Fulfilling the other conditions specified in Article 5188 of the Law No. 10 on Private Security Services and having a positive result in the security investigation pursuant to this article

4) Not having any interest in military service or not having reached the age of military service, having completed or postponed active military service or have been transferred to the reserve class, if they have reached the age of military service.

5) Except for those excluded in the Annex 1 of the Principles Regarding Employment of Contracted Personnel, while working in any contractual position, the applications of those who resign from their duties due to the termination of the contract, which do not exceed 1 year from the date of termination of their contract will not be accepted. If this issue is understood later, their contracts will be canceled even if they have been placed.

6) Legal action will be taken against those who give false documents or make a declaration, if employment transactions are made, their transactions will be canceled, and if a fee is paid by the administration, this amount will be compensated with the legal interest.


1) Applications will start on Monday, 22/03/2021 and end at 02:04 on Friday, 2021/18.00/XNUMX.

2) Applications will be made electronically by filling out the "Application Form" to be published on the website of our General Directorate (

3) Candidates are required to fully upload a photograph, education certificate, private security guard ID card, 2020 KPSS result document, criminal record and military status document (for male candidates) to the system during the application.

4) Only applications made online are valid, applications that do not meet the conditions specified in the announcement and applications made in person or by mail will not be accepted.

5) Candidates to be recruited will complete the documents required to start work from the date the results of their placement are announced to them, and submit them to the General Directorate Personnel Department within the specified period.

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